New hot weather rations. Possibly.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. There's a nice quick response to operating in extreme heat then. :roll:

    MoD News

    So, what do we reckon the actual flash to bang time is likely to be for the new stuff on the ground?

    Another 12 months? Longer?

    Prace bets now!
  2. Sorbet, Lemon ?
  3. you irradiate it Mr Deputy.
    Tomatoes can last for 6 months or more if irradiated
    or you could dessicate it all,lovely lettuce crisps all round
  4. We had new rations in Afghan last summer, dunno if they're the same as these but had some new flavours and also had stuff like jam and vegimite in them.

    We also trialled warm weather suppliment packs aswell.
  5. 307

    307 War Hero

    Yeah we had warm weather supplements in afghan to, they were pretty good apart from the minging seafood pak thing that was in it, especially minging after a few hours in the midday heat. ALthough the dairyshake mix and most of the other stuff in there was really really good.
  6. at least 2 years to sort out the contents/menu, another year at least to get into production................

    I say the hot weather rations will be standard issue by the time Russia invades Norway.
  7. Well hopefully, we won't go down the US route.
  8. Got the recipe for the sandwiches off British Rail ( who stole it of the NAAFI )
  9. Indestructible sandwich

    The sandwich itself is a bit smaller and flatter than the commercial "Hot Pockets". As for the taste, my first thought was that they must have come up with a way to re-use the MRE's Wheat Snack Bread because that's what the bread in the sandwich tastes like. The label claims the sandwich contains Italian Sausage and Pepperoni but the contents all look and taste the same - pretty much like a diced Slim Jim. The wheat-snack-bread-like bread along with the Slim Jim'ish meat filling combined to create a rather dry, but edible sandwich

    Overall, considering that this is a shelf-stable sandwich that is designed to last for a minimum of two years, it wasn't too bad. It doesn't really compare to a commercial "Hot Pocket", but those things require freezing to store and a microwave oven to eat. So all in all, this is a good step forward for military feeding.



  10. that looks bloody minging, like a corn beef gashwich
  11. Well if you don't fancy that, theres always the "piss in the bag" chicken & rice.
    Thank God for Tabasco huh? :)
  12. 307

    307 War Hero

    I had one of those sandwiches out of one of the trials hot weather supplement packs whilst sat in a DC in Afghan and it was the nicest thing I had eaten all week, it wasn't dry, it was pretty juicy, it was warm to cause of the heat, all in all it was morale in a packet. I don't understand how it's gonna cut down the amount of water they use, if they didn't use MRE heaters it wuld make no difference, f they adopted our style, where in theory no ater need go to waste, you can cook in it, then brew up, hot scoff and water rehydrating you rather than at the bottom of a heater pack and wasted, although saying that, the water they do se is negligible anyway.
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    deputy, all that sort of stuff is in the trials ho weather supplement pack, fruit & nut mix, dried fruits, fruit flavoured drinks powders (not screech), those long life sandwiches, some gopping tuna mix thing, singapore style noodles boil in the bag, dairyshake mix, fruit/cereal type thing bars. That is as mch as I can remember at the minute.
  14. No, I was only kidding. In reality, if necessary, I'd eat the proverbial scabby donkey. I'm not finnicky, I've had to survive on all sorts of questionable fayre in my time, ration packs are a luxury.