New Hoody Combat Jacket

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TheCountCounts, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Just got one of those new jackets with the hood what the **** is the little pocket on the arm for? Any ideas?
  2. Has it got a little flag sewn on it?
  3. Yes thats right the one with the little flag.
  4. Whatever you want it to be for........try your mobile :)
  5. Tried that my phone is to big.
  6. I believe it’s for one of those avalanche tag things. So you can be found in the snow.
  7. And another thing when would you be allowed to wear the hood, up ive had a artic smock for ages and have never put the hood up, even in the artic.
  8. Never, the hood is just there to make the whole thing look ally
  9. Mobile???? How about a little stick of lippy or hair gel?
  10. That can't be right! what happens when a small person has a really big phone his jacket would look massive there must be another use for the pocket.
  11. You don't! Page 1 Para 1 of the looking Ally Handbook:

    T C
  12. I reckon it's so the contractor making the things knows where to put the flag so it doesn't look as daft as putting it on the front side of the sleeve like they did a couple of years thus making a tidy profit for tailors when we all had to change them to match the crease!
  13. And another thing why is it green the desert's not green!
  14. Since when did they RAF look pretty? You obviously not been down the NAAFI on many crab camps.