Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by black_maskers, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. asses situ and administer appropiate force

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  2. walk past ignoring the situ being glad that it is not you

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  1. Having seen todays views on alleged 'Police Brutality' I thought you might be interested on what Home Office Mininsters think is the best way to deal with violent street crime.

    Tony McNULTY particularly, I bet he has never been to an inner city (apart from Westminster)

    Damn missed one of the options and can't go back
  2. After reading the thread I still would intervene and risk a possible charge, depending on what my response was to the situation, after all if I believed what I was doing was right I would do it.
    I was in a situation in a nearby town where a group ( gang) were walking down the pavement deliberatly forcing all and sundry into the road to avoid them and sneering and giving a bit of verbals to said people. I decided to put my 6 ft and burly ( slightly wobbly) frame straight through the middle of them thereby knocking them out of my way, three steps past I turned and faced them as they had done the same, did my best not bothered look, tey then muttered something turned and sodded off, I was approached by a PCSO saying it was wrong to do that, I said walking in a straight line? I was told it could have been classed as assault, shrugged shoulders and continued on my merry way.
  3. The PCSO is the one who SHOULD have challenged them not you.

    If that person was observing this and did nothing, why was that person there?

    I'd rather have no PCSO than have one that did nothing, how much does that undermine authority in the public face?
  4. PCSO = someone too useless to run a school crossing patrol. Useless waste of taxpayers money the lot of them.
  5. What should be classed as 'whatever else?' Physical force? what do you shout at the young aggressive man? oi you, get away from her or I shall shout a bit more....
    I've just noticed that the article is both sexist and ageist. I'm off to sue someone.
  6. It's spelled McNulty but pronounced McNumpty.

    Incidentally I did post this shortly after he gave the original interview. It generated four pages of posts then:
  7. On my way in one Wed night I saw some fat fecking smacking an old lady in the street. I gave a shout, called the cops and went over to see if I could help (I'm not a big lad but the uniform helps). Mr Lovely and his wife/girlfriend then stamp on this woman for luck and leg it.
    She gets up and shouts after him, "Come back SON its all right." Spits in my face, insults me and goes after them telling them its all right.

    What kind of tw@t smaks him mum about, and what kind of pillock lets him get away with it.

    That what you have to put up with these days.
  8. The products of Bliars Britain.......Our country is dying.
  9. My company was down in Brighton one weekend a long time ago, to make our rifles go 'bang' at Kithurst Ranges. I was in Best BDs and, strolling around a corner, saw two 'erberts giving a vagrant a kicking. Leave it out lads, I says, two on one aint fair, I might have to stop you. Oh yeah came the sneering reply, you and who's army, and bang on cue, ten of my uniformed mates came swinging around the corner. I think the 'erberts are still running.
  10. Quality!
  11. If I saw this 'Minister' Tony McNulty being assaulted I would jump up and down (small jumps) while shouting (quietly) – if the assailant stopped I would hammer the little prick until he started assaulting McNulty again.
  12. I'd rather have none of them at all, sorry Mcnumpty if i'm not embracing the larger police "family". They are about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. I'm sure the money spent on them would have been better used on increasing the amount of sworn police officers, or at least buying them paperwork monkeys so that they can escape the nick.

    As for Mcnumpt, he's a bell end of the highest order! :safe: