New home of Corp?

Hi all,

With all this DTR rationalisation and effectively RSS & 11 Sigs moving to St Athan.

Where do you think the new Home of the Signals will be??? I doubt it will be classed as St Athan as it will be heavily Tri-Service with many training courses joining together.

Just wondering what everyone thinks?
It's a wonder to everyone where they will be wandering :D
The home of the Royal Corps of Signals used to be Catterick, now it's Blandford and it may move to St Athan.

Although Blandford may have been purely a signals camp, Catterick had 11 Sigs, 8 Sigs a Bde sig Sqn as well as a couple of Inf Bns, an Armoured Regt, several RCT Sqns, an Ord Coy, a Military Hospital and many many more. Did it detract from it being the 'home of the Signals'? Not in the least.

Of course there was always the argument as to whether Catterick or Blandford was the 'home', although 11 and 8 Sig Regts saw more of the Corps than the School of Sigs ever did.
ATLAS Consortium, Atlas House, Reading ?
Baldrick66 said:
ATLAS Consortium, Atlas House, Reading ?
God, dont even suggest it - someone from the good ideas club in SOinC's might just think its a good idea!!

I've always though the home of the Corps was where HQ Royal Signals, the Royal School Of Signals and the Headquarters Messes are. I havent heard that the're moving so i'm assuming the home of the Corps will remain Blandford.
As a Corps you are not giving up Blandford are you? I've heard that 7 and 16 Sig Regts might be moving in when HQ ARRC moves back to the UK. If that happens and your Corps HQ remains where it is, your home will remain at Blandford.

I may only be a thick Monkey but it was told me by a Royal Signals bloke, so it must be true!

Whatever happens your Sgt's Mess Transit Accn at Blandford needs nuking!

Ive also heard rumour of maybe 14 sigs moving in instead of 7 Sigs. Do you think they'll ever get around to pulling down that bloody roundabout???
I hrd that 14 is to move to Blandford in 2013. So from one dump to another and gives the powers that be even more of a reason not to upgrade the working conditions in Brawdy.

Brilliant idea!

The PFTs wont be as much fun without the horizontal rain!
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