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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Coming months: and Holidays4heroes is now live, we have a dedicated account, a dedicated website with two very clear paths forward. The Holidays will continue, we’ll probably block book accommodation for the entire summer, or as much as we can afford. Units are now more aware of us and will be able to assist in airfare’s etc.

    We’ll also continue to act as a QRF and stop gap, reacting quickly to fastball welfare cases and attempt to help out where we can with varying areas of expertise and rapid cash injection where needed.

    The most rewarding part has been seeing the families of injured and widows of soldiers killed in action taking up Spanish Dave’s offers of Accommodation in Spain and hearing the reactions of welfare officers, commanding officers and RSM’s along with the friends and families on their return.

    The Past 12 months:

    12 months ago today a plea for help for an ex servicemen who’d fallen on hard times was posted in the NAAFI

    Within hours we’d secured enough to ensure his property was safe, within a few more hours we had enough to provide him with a Christmas, a few more hours there was enough to send him to Spain along with his family and square away their passports.

    The money was still coming in so a couple of SSAFA chaps on here made me aware of others who were facing hard times so Christmas was given to them courtesy of donations made in the NAAFI bar.

    The rolling stone gathered momentum and not long after the initial plea there was 9k raised. With this we managed to home, feed and find work for an ex Kings Div chap in Carlisle (He is now thriving and is playing an active role in his nippers life and holding down a job) we sent further vouchers for servicemen’s children to relieve the pressure of Christmas and also set up a kitty for Sellyoak.

    Not long after, I was bombarded with calls regarding site members, members of the forces community who had found themselves for various reasons including injury in service on hard time. Spanish Dave continued to offer and donate places in Spain so a sub committee was set up and an ops room formed where plans could be made and arguments and bickering could take place.

    More debt cases came in, more injured blokes who could benefit from a week in the sun spoke up and before we knew it a small amount of structure began to sneak up on us.

    Meridan happened to be an IT genius and along with BFG9000 websites were made, artwork done and a whole load of scary internet stuff appeared all over the begging bowl threads, this broke up the monotony of me constantly screaming out for cash.

    The response was overwhelming and for those who have been around the NAAFI here on ARRSE for more than the last year will be aware of how quickly we have been able to box off cases when they appear. To press we’ve yet to let anyone down.


    How much:

    In total we’ve raised £ 38,182.33 (This doesn't include £358.00 I'm holding for the WW2 vet and his wife that were assaulted, we are awaiting a sitrep)

    I do owe an apology for previous amounts posted, I’d added the paypal donations twice as they get paid into the Lloyds account. Which I suppose makes me a penis.

    This is where you money was spent

    - 11 serious debt cases dealt with
    - 2 Bankruptcy orders set aside and stopped
    - 3 Homeless servicemen homed, dealt with and assisted
    - 6 Site members assisted ( No details to be posted here for obvious reasons)
    - 54 families to Spain, flights, hire cars, spending money, passport fees, cleaning fees, accommodation when unavailable through donations
    - 2 veterans medals replaced
    - 6 court appearances to stop varying civil actions
    - Alarms, orthopedic beds, hearing appliances, blind appliances, lap tops - purchased and donated
    - White goods donated / bought and installed
    - Sellyoak Kitty established
    - RBL branch propped up
    - Covered two holiday of a lifetime trips to Los Angeles
    - Paid domestic energy bills / council tax for people who simply couldn’t afford it and who would either have personal belongings removed by bailiffs or have service disconnected
    - Given the children of KIA servicemen Birthday presents
    - 3 Rental bonds covered and month in advance / negotiations with Landlords and letting agents
    - Provided Christmas presents / food vouchers for families on hard times.

    (There are a couple more, but I’ve been asked not to publish them as they may easily be identified here on this site)


    People have auctioned the most sensible to the most bizarre items with a view to fund raising, some have even auctioned themselves. This continues to be one of the favoured means as opposed to being bullied into coughing up. Niner Domestic kindly spent time making a blanket with all the Regimental cap badges on it from members pledges. Many personal and expensive items have been pledged, repledged and sent around the country all in aid of raising cash.


    Special thanks to the team who do all the work. Spanish Dave for working long hours to ensure the guys have somewhere to holiday, often placing them in his own place at quite severe financial loss. Meridian and BFG9000 for massive IT and Web support, Blue_Sophist for tirelessly campaigning begging, proffing and pushing, creating and flogging pins etc. Without them the whole thing would grind to a halt because I’m a bad tempered tantrummer who sulks when things don’t go his way and who often bites off more than he can chew. I owe each of these fella's a great deal of thanks, am genuinely grateful for every moment you've spent on this project. Thankyou to the COs for allowing us to launch all this from the NAAFI bar. Also Grownuprafbrat and Ski carver for making brews, keeping us in order and dishing out noshes.

    Most of all thank you to all that have contributed and made this entire thing possible. Unfortunately it’s a little difficult for me / us to pass on the gratitude from those who benefited, and to try and demonstrate to you how much ‘Helpthemout’ has assisted and improved their lives. Many of you just see a fresh thread and some words from either myself or Spanish Dave, we are the lucky ones who get to see the results. All I can do is assure you that we wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t needed. We've seen many of the casualties in Spain and be under no illusion how grateful they are and how needed their time away was.

    There have been some outrageously generous anonymous donators, special thanks to you guys, you know who you are

    Bank references:

    One of the most amusing yet embarrassing for me parts of the last year has been the bank / paypal statements. These have seen me questioned by bank staff, frowned at by my accountant and freaked at from my Mrs.

    ARRSE FIXING FUND,OMLETTES, LOVE FROM DALE, CURE FOR IMPOTENCE, THANKS FOR KISSING, FISTING FEE, ANAL REFUND, GAY PORN WAGE, ARRSEHOLE, CUM IN ME, DRUG MONEY, MANWHORE PAYMENT, DOG FCUKER, SCATMAN, WHOREHOUSE WEDGE, Body hider Poo Games, Bumsex Bribe, Gay sauna fee, SPANISH FLY , Butt plug refund, Dickeater, Drug money, Whore fund, Big c*** club, NECROPHILLIA R US ,Horsesucking team, BLOWMEPLEASE.COM , ADULTS ONLY TOYS , Scrotum bathing fee, Gay slut fee, THE LUBE SHOP , Kiddyfucker, Bukkake boy, GIMP SUIT CLEANING spunk money, bumhole exploration & pig fcuk fee.

    Sgt Slingsby:

    Blue_Sophish took over the bear duties earlier on in the year and will add further on in the thread


    New Bank details:


    Acct Name: Holidays4heroes
    Sort Code: 40-12-09
    Account Number: 41416081
  2. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Blue-Sophist – Year One Report

    What did I do during the first year? I sort of got involved, somehow!!

    I discovered the first thread about a year ago, and was moved by what was happening. I’d had 30 years of perfectly harmless military service [you tend to, in the RAF, especially in a Ground Branch] and I became more and more conscious of what young guys and gals were going through today. Not just the “bombs and bullets” stuff, but also how transition to civvy street can be incredibly difficult to manage for some folks.

    And because I spent a lot of the day on the ‘puter anyway, and had time to spare, I found I evolved into the Duty Nagger. Using the images provided by Meridian, I simply spent a lot of time, 7 days a week, annoying people by asking them to give the Appeal money for the latest good cause. I’m now convinced they just donate to shut me up.

    When the Sgt Slingsby project re-generated, in March, I drifted gently into that as well. I tend to drift; it’s an age thing! Very quickly it became clear that there was a need for someone to manage their travels. As “Mr Time-To-Spare”, I thus appointed myself as BMG, and now spend many happy hours trying to organise the Bears’ schedules … and nagging the Bearers, and re-scheduling trips, and generally trying to make the Sgt Slingsby project as effective as possible.

    None of that would work without the willingness of good people who are prepared to lose part of their baggage allowance to transport a Bear, and be seen in public carrying a Bear, and go begging for money in public [and private] places, and take photographs, and write stories … the Bearers are the unsung heroes of “Sgt Slingsby”!

    We started with Sgt Slingsby, the Founder. He simply couldn’t cope with the demand once the project re-launched. Reinforcements arrived from Build-A-Bear in the form of Cpl Horsa and Cpl Hotspur [they’re named after the gilders used by the Glider Pilot regiment]. Then we acquired WO2 Hamilcar. Then “k13eod” established contact with BurraBears in Shetland, and we added Colour Sergeant Burra to the Team. And, finally, through our Canadian links, we also received reinforcement in the small but perfectly formed shape of MCpl Amy Soldier, a Canadian bear created to celebrate the service of Canadian Forces personnel in dangerous places. Amy is being badged as a medic to commemorate MCpl Paul Franklin [ story here ]

    As more Bears joined the Team, so did the global coverage! The Bears have been all over the British Isles from Shetland to Jersey, a growing presence in Europe, and then … Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, South America, South Africa, China and on Operation HERRICK in Afghanistan [where Cpl HORSA was injured]. Imminent trips include Chile, Eastern Europe, France, Abu Dhabi, Kenya and another tour in Afghanistan.

    We tried – we really tried! My nephew creates Pins for the Royal British Legion in Jersey, so we put together a scheme where you could get a Slingsby Pin in return for a donation. On the kind basis that he bore all the setting-up and production costs, we ordered 100. So far we’ve sold 60. We may not try that again, but at least we’ve raised over £600 in the process and it would be nice to see £1000 raised by the time we despatch the last Pin!
  3. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Small donation inbound via paypal...................may I have a pin please??

    :D very well done!
  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Click that scrolling bit in my signature block to order on line ... I don't hold stock, it's done for us by someone else. :wink:
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Bit into new account.
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Someone had to be the first, so why not you!! :lol:
  7. Website fired around everyone on my email addy, so fingers crossed they all donate something
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Well done folks. Buy the pins, the ladies love them.

    Perhaps a link on the new site to the sciving bears den may be an idea?
  9. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Skiving Bears my arrse ... they're all out working their nuts off, apart from AMY who's just about to start and HORSA who's heading for the Bear Hospital.

    "Der Webmeister" is fine-tuning that sort of stuff as we 'speak' ... much multi-linky-stuff still to be done!
  10. Any new posters being created to advertise the new site ?

    Room on the new site for people to submit posters ?
  11. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Well done to MDN and the rest of the team...I've sent my usual pittance in this month via a Sgt Slingsby pin, and I'll have to remind myself to change the account on my transfer.

    Storming job all, damn nice website and keep up the good work.


    p.s. anytime you need any help in the South Wales area give me a shout.
  12. Made a small Chrimbo Donation, apparently not to Holidays4Heroes but to some Hoover Bag Company instead 8O

    Nice One guys...

    EDITED TO ADD: Can you post some Holidays4Heroes Banners/Logos/etc. here so we can use on other Websites to divert the link from?
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    It does seem to have been a rather successful year, and offers great prospects for the future.

    We do, however, have to remember that the good work is actually done by the wonderful people on ARRSE [and, indeed, RR] who have donated £38,182.33 ... MDN and Dave just move it around a bit :wink:

    BTW, which mean barsteward sent £0.33? :lol:
  14. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Difficult for me to say really, we have had over 50 families out to Spain with some late ones only recently. We have had families staying in a range of properties from apartments, penthouses with hot tubs, townhouses to Million Euro Villas.


    Homeowners have donated their valuable properties to support what we do, some have donated over and over again, myself and MDN have given our properties also.

    It is not just the properties though, we have had people collected from the airport and ferried around, we have had crates of beer put in fridges, welcome packs of food and wine, discounted golf, it goes on and on.

    The bulk of the properties are donated from a property rental website however I also go to the community website that supports La Torre Golf Resort for properties

    We have had partners of KIA visit, numerous wounded and also a couple of special cases. We have had Welfare Officers accompanying troops and even a CO and RSMs wife accompany the wife of a KIA to help pamper her.

    Welfare Officers have been pivotal in accessing funds from some units and fantastically the kind users of ARRSE have done the rest.

    We have had blinded Royal Marines who were given to properties next door to each other and played 3 rounds of golf, we have had RAF Regiment and Army, we have not failed yet to get a needy case out to Spain.
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Der Uber-Webmeister is already working on that subject, as it happens.

    I suspect that will happen very shortly ... we discussed that over the weekend.