New here !

Well having found this site and being a new member, thought i would introduce myself.

Started life at JLRRE Dover 1n 86. 54 Sqn ( Top troop !! ). Certainly one of the best years of my life !

On to 38 Ripon ( 32 Field Sqn kicking tin for Harriers before they changed to sitting behind desks ! )Spent a very drunken 5 years :D there and meeting my wife at the teaching college in the process ! Isnt the Bull & the Blower a great night out ! Best place ever !!!!

Followed by a cr*p year at Chatham ( what a dump ) but a great C & J course.

Unbeknown to me i must have really upset ( pi**ed o** ) a few people, seeing as i was posted to 3 Regt for course support for the BEW - Malta Troop, is this still on going ?? as this must be the worst posting in the Corps !!!

Finally decide to get a real life and left to work in the main employment field for ex Sprs - health and safety !!! Left 3 Regt in 96, been in safety ever since and now have my own business and doing well !

Will be a regular on here, look forward to reliving good old times !

JLRRE 54 sqn 1986 also.
Shed the same blood and tears !! All those quick change parades with bed packs out of the third floor windows !!!! My SLR was nearly as tall as me !!

Had a few good troop staff. Sgt Ingleton and some fat useless troopy.

was in 32 at the time you were in Ripon, kicking tin...well sitting in my molly watching the squeeks kicking tin!!

Also in HSE now and having a rather jolly time doing at it, have fun here on Arrse!!

Hurrah for the HSE.... I'll get my coat!!
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
geo7863 said:
Hurrah for the HSE.... I'll get my coat!!
8O 8O 8O 8O
Look Knocks me ol' chum if it wasnt for the HSE and some of its ridiculous rules and regs I wouldnt be in such high demand as a consultant HS and indeed E bod/ hofficer/ advisor / engineer all round good guy and Safety Ninja......... well that and construction workers forever slipping tripping and falling off things!!

I live a verily good life indeedy due to HS and E so HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH...oops bugger best turn it down mustn't exceed the old dBa's now must I
LEL's / UEL's / MEL's etc...................................
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
LEL's / UEL's / MEL's etc...................................
Oh I dont get THAT technical old chap i just go up to em and shout

"OY if you cant fecking hear me talking to you from 1m put yer fecking Ear Muffs on!!"