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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Leigh, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. just thought id say hi to you all, im fairly new to all this.

    Yep, im just another OH. :yawn: , great site though :thumleft:
  2. Hello!

    From your posts cannot work out if your a guy or a laidiiii
    eitherway welcome to arrse and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! :thumleft:
  3. I am lady datumhead, thank you for your welcome
  4. Hello!
    From the Landlord of The Royal Oak, Hollywater
    Civvy yes, but ex ROF Leeds, Yes I Know, still Civvy but built the things rumbling round everywhere, built Chieftain, Khalid, Challenger. Walk the dog on Slab just to hear the note of the CV12 on recovery, it's still staying here so I'm led to believe.
    All lads welcome, we will spot you this is a bikers pub(friendly lot)
    The Royal Oak, Hollywater, Nr Whitehill, Bordon
  5. Hello Barnbowjim
  6. Hi Liegh,

    I'm Civvy, but big respect to you folks.
    As I said I've built'em you bust'em (or some one else)Oop SHMBO Calls
    Jim :elephant: You don't want the real thing

  7. Welcome, Lady Datumhead and have fun!
  9. Very well then, let's start again; me nurse, you doctor. No; you nurse, me doctor.
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    Hello and welcome, have you had a skeg over at RearParty, it's a site dedicated to spouses and such of those serving.
  11. Yep, Rear party is super...

    If you lurk here you'll be expected to get yer rat out
  12. Iv already checked out rear party and registered. Enjoying both of the sites. :thumleft:

    Thanks for the welcome.

  13. Welcome, hope you are ready for the typical Army sense of humour.
  14. Welcome, enjoy your time here.
  15. I too am new to this site, but am already laughing my socks of at some of the threads on here.... :thumleft: