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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by WFR_BOY, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Just registered and thought id say hello,

    looks like a cool site, ill have to have a good look around


  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Welcome! Plenty of us STABs around, as long as we don't go daft, they leave us alone :)
  3. You do realise that 4 Mercian will have a couple of surplus coys, also 4 RAng will be short of a coy ...... wonder where they'll get that from ...... :?:
  4. well the latest ive heard is we will have the staffys from burton tagged on and loose our outstation. we will then become D coy of 4 mercian. loose a rifle platoon and gain mortars.

    as far as the anglebrackets know they are going to 4 coys with us completely disappearing from their orbat.


  5. Ha ha ha! Fresh meat! :twisted:
  6. I see, the WFR cull in Notts & Derbys continues ...

    I remember when their was 9 WFR coys in Notts & Derbys plus another 5 in Worcs (in 2 bns) and the AngleIrons had a slightly larger number of coys in 3 Bns..... Now WFRs will be down to 2 Coys (-) and AngleIrons - 1 Inf Bn and 1 RLC Regt ....

    Great to be in an small regt?
  7. Greetings - welcome aboard!

  8. Hello there, Enjoy
  9. Ummm, I can't get that count which I assume was around 1990, after the breakup of the Mercian Volunteers:

    3rd Bn with 8 Coys (A, B, C, D, E and HQ Coys, plus F and G (HSF) Coys) - Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire (Home Defence)
    4th Bn with 6 Coys (A, B, C, D and HQ Coys, plus F (HSF) Coy) - Worcestershire (Carried 1 MERCIAN VOLS rold as a NATO roled MILAN Bn?)

    4 Mercian appears to be far to large a Bn (being scaled for 3 Rifle, 1 Support and 1 HQ Coy?), needing to shed 2 Coys, while 3 R ANGLIAN appears to be the right size once the WFR coy is shed. However, with a new Int Corps and 2 new RE Rgts being formed those personnel have to come from somewhere....
  10. Nottingham had a 4WFR Coy (a left over from 5th/8th Foresters).

    WFRs recruits come mainly from Notts & Derbys (about 2/3) and the remaining 1/3 from Worcs, this was reflected in the TA - Sherwood Foresters had 4 TA Bns and Worcs 2 TA Bns.

    From memory the 3 WFR coys were

    A (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) .. with sister Sqn in ?? Yeomanry
    B (Leicestershire and Derby Yeomanry) ... with a sister coy in the angleirons
    C (Derby Foresters) ex 5/8th Foresters
    D (Robin Hoods Rifles)
    E (Notts Foresters) ex 5/8th Foresters
    HQ ex 5/8th Foresters

    So if WFR_Boy is correct (Derby is shutting down), no sucessor to original Territorial Four Sherwood Foresters bns will survive into Mercians.
  11. I am a regular abiout to finish after 23 years and one of the best evenings of my life was spent a 3 WFR drill hall in Newark. Irrelevent to your post, but I am still grateful for the hospitality the TA showed that night.
  12. Thanks for the welcome fella's.

    Spoke to our OC over the weekend and the plan is still the same.

    Mansfield is in a very good position at the moment, we are over strength numbers wise, and won last years EER champion coy competition with a clean sweep. According to the current plan, once the staffys are attached from Burton then we will be the biggest company of the biggest infantry battalion in the TA.

    We are close to the top of the pile of all the Coys due to make up 4 Mercian, better than being at the bottom is guess.


  13. The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry and the Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry will remail Sqns within the Royal Yeomanry. The Chally II role has been dropped and a move back to Armd Recce has been mooted which we are looking forward to. Pretending to be CR2 soldiers - loaders, gunners and drivers - was all very good on paper, but in reality the Regs wouldn't let us near a tank! The 'new' recce role will boost morale hugely.

    Apols for going off the thread a little - but hey, you've gotta say your piece right?

    Pip pip
  14. The 3 WFR B(LDY) coy disbanded around 92 and the WFR A (SRY) dropped the SRY title when it joined EER, the Royal Anglian LDY disbanded at the same time.

    These are not the same units that are in the yeomanry (although they are descended from SRY and LDY - thats why they had the titles)

    Also South Notts Hussars was also part of 3WFR in the early 70's its place taken by the LDY Coy.