New here, want to become Military Engineer Design

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by SOLSTICE, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Did my B.A.R.B test today and my recruiter told me that there is various forums on the internet where I could find out information from people who do the job themselves. After a bit of searching I came across ARRSE and it seemed like there was a lot of useful information on it.

    Well, the score i got today on my B.A.R.B was 90. My recruiter said it was the second highest score he had ever seen so i'm pleased with that.

    He was alos going through the list of jobs available and told me that Military Enginner Design was one of the best jobs available and wanted me to put that as my first choice. The job sounds interesting and would like to know if anyone here does or has done this job, what's it like?

    Any information would be helpful.
  2. do a search of within RE forum.

    saves us all trotting out the same info yet again.

    good luck.

  3. Thanks for the link, already had a scan through that page. Hoping somebody who does the job can help me out further.

    And knocker... what is the RE forum. I posted it in the REME forum but was told to post in here instead.
  4. ;

    RE = Royal Engineers

    You wanted info on Military Engineer Design.

    Go to the 'Search' option above, right of 'Finance', right again of 'Help and Info'. In Search, in the middle Search option (Forum search) type in 'Military Engineer Design' and all comments in the thousands of ARRSE pages that contain those 3 magic words will appear.

    A bit more initiative when you get to your Regiment though, alright? Good.
  5. I had already done that, I was just a little confused at where the RE forum was as I could not see it on the forum index so I decided to post my own thread.
  6. Also, a lot of the threads that the search finds are not really about the job in question.
  7. I'll do my best.
  8. the military engineering design or ME-Design trades are Surveyor, Draughtsman, Draughtsman E and M and CMT.

    Try asking what those trades do as they are the ME Design boys. Myself i'm a surveyor and i've just spent 2 years travelling all over the world doing my trade accumalating over $200mil worth of project work.

    But each is different, and don't listen to that REME Cnut, they do their job all the time yeah, however they've still not got it right!!
  9. The surveyor side of it is the one i hope to get selected for. I've read that their is a 4 week assesment at Chatham and you get selected to train in one of the 4 areas in which you seem best suited to, do you have any choice in the decision or do you get told?
  10. you get the final say in which trade you want but the one you want may not be offered. if your not suited i.e. not got the maths for surveyor.
  11. or the stomach for eating mud
  12. Look in the sappers forum mate.