New here, want to become Military Engineer Design

Discussion in 'REME' started by SOLSTICE, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Did my B.A.R.B test today and my recruiter told me that there is various forums on the internet where I could find out information from people who do the job themselves. After a bit of searching I came across ARRSE and it seemed like there was a lot of useful information on it.

    Well, the score i got today on my B.A.R.B was 90. My recruiter said it was the second highest score he had ever seen so i'm pleased with that.

    He was alos going through the list of jobs available and told me that Military Enginner Design was one of the best jobs available and wanted me to put that as my first choice. The job sounds interesting and would like to know if anyone here does or has done this job, what's it like?

    Any information would be helpful.
  2. Never heard of Military Engineer Design. Sounds like someone who designs Military Engineers. I have heard of Design Engineers though.
  3. Should you be in the Sapper forum? You know, REME without the ME. The Corps where the Royal Electrical and Royal Mechanical Engineers live, together with the Royal Construction bods.
  4. Hey, genius, well done!
    1. Wrong forum, try Sappers.
    2. Isn't spelling part of BARB?
    3. Or attention to detail?

    I'm sure the Sappers will miss you, but really stay where you are, try Veh Mech, you'll make a great Tiffy one day.
  5. My mistake, sorry. And actually, spelling isn't part of the B.A.R.B, if i was to be pedantic.
  6. I've read all the information about the job on the internet, on the job brief and in the booklet, just wanted some information from anyone who does the job for they may have more accurate infomation.

  7. You should go to the Royal Engineers board mate.
    Just my 2 pence worth before you go:
    If you join the RE, you could end up building bridges and digging holes for your career. Most tradesmen in RE spend the majority of their time doing Combat engineer tasks, not building stuff or testing samples.

    I was going to join RE as a welder many moons ago, fortunately I chose REME instead. This meant I did my job (most of the time), rather than being a bridge building hole digger.
  8. Nige, that's really not fair. It's true, many of the black hand trades start at and spend quite a bit of their career at the Combat Engineering end, but a good number get to do a wide range of civil engineering type tasks in military environments. I agree, if you want to weld or VM then join REME, but I wouldn't belittle their other technical trades.

    A good family friend and 3 of his colleagues have just finished their PQO and are coming your way for an 18 month civilian Civil Engineering secondment as we speak, and we plan to visit next Mar. We have past history, I'll visit you if I can fit it in.
  9. Hi Royalee,
    My post was based on the experience of an instructor at SEME who was an RE Welder. He was fortunate to spend a lot of time welding - STRE posts. He said a lot of his mates ended up being Combat Engineers rather than tradies. I also met a few RE tradies in Kenya who said the same thing. Maybe it's changed....

    I didn't mean to imply that Combat Engineering is crap, just that the careers bods will not always tell the entire truth.

    What history do we have? EFP maybe?
  10. Nige,

    At long last I have you.... We took you in straight from the jumper game.

    My point was based on the VM and Welding trades. Although the construction engineering welding I've seen them do in NI would put a lot of REME workshops to shame in terms of capability, I still thin those black hand trades are the premise of REME, the rest of our technical trades don't overlap.