New here...need some help guys...

If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.

This weekend I'm taking my dad to Dortmund where he was stationed just after the war. He's getting on a bit now as you can imagine and is not sure (confused more like!) of exactly where the camp was. He knows it was only a short walk to the town. Daft bugger, we've had this planned for a while, I thought he knew where he was going and tonight he tells me different.
Does anyone know where it was or know of any websites where I can find out more.

Possible bad news.

A quick Google turned up this:

22 Regt RA OCA

Seems to suggest the only Barracks left standing is Napier Barracks; all the rest demolished?
Thanks for that.
He doesn't recognise any of the pictures but seems to think 22 went in after he was moved out (40th Field Regiment) Still if that's the only one left we'll head there
If you get on to the B1 (major road through Dortmund) and travel in an Easterly direction (toward Paderborn). Some barrack buildings are still there, although converted for other use. There are still some sections of wall. If he was stationed in these buildings, he should recognise them.

Hope this helps
Funny that. My dad spent some time at Wretham B Camp in 1944. He has never expressed an interest to visit the place on the occasions that I've gone there.


For the pedants, it was known as Wretham East Camp then.
Thanks for the help guys.

He's now had a look at plenty of RA sites, said he never knew there was so much on the internet!

I'm sure he'll enjoy even if there's nothing there.

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