New here......looking for a chat/laugh etc

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Angel85, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Hiya
    I'm 23 and live in Norfolk looking to chat to somebody witty, funny and who has the ability to hold a convo for more than 3 minutes :D more than happy to entertain guy's out in the sandpit.

    I'm not going to give too much away here but feel free to ask me anything :wink:
  2. H3

    H3 LE

    Be prepared be very prepared :wink:
  3. Oh I am well prepared..... :wink:
  4. From Norfolk says it all.
  5. I did escape for 5 years, sadly I'm back but not for long there's only so many inbreds/smack heads/chavs/mong's I can cope with.....I've not done too badly despite being born here.
  6. You escaped and returned? 8O
  7. About what?

    Thermodynamics, basic quantum physics or the possible (yet probable) existence of dark matter and I'm your man.

    As you are from Norfolk though, I'm sure I could read up on Sugar Beet, potatoes, dressing like a chav and the importance of not interbreeding within the family unit.

    As a hint, a photo will either get the guys on here fighting over you like a pack of wild drunken dogs, or, if you are a bit of a minger, will attract insults that you have never previously dreamed of.

    Either way, no photo, no sensible answers, because yes, we are that shallow ;)
  8. Not by choice.... long story :)
  9. So am I.....So show me yours and I'll show you mine :wink:

    You will be disappointed if your expecting an conversation about any of the above.......
  10. Are you a Bernard Mathews Turkey, live in Norfolk and escaped for 5 years all makes sense to me. You must be a large bird if you avoided Christmas for 5 years do your breasts need basting, I will let other tell you about stuffing and how to insert sausage meat into fat burds.
  11. I'm not trawling:)

    Trust me, no picture will just end up with page after page of insults and then you'll go away, eat a cake and cry :)
  12. I'm sure that's what most girls do, however I know damn well what you lot can be like :) slamming my ankle in the car door made me cry, you probably won't.......Reading past post's you would take the piss if I looked like Carmen Electra.

    So here goes.....
  13. Yep Turkey hows the breasts?
  14. If I was a Bernard Matthew's turkey I'd not be here talking to you, they all caught bird flu.

    My breasts are fine though thank you :wink:

  15. Yes your right need a tissue and turkeys don't talk what is it they do oh yes gobble gobbe gobble :D