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Gunner, seriously injured in a blast four years ago. Since then repeated surgery to try and save his legs.

Sadly, one has had to be removed, and is in the process of disharge.

He was a Private / Gunner and income limited, add two kids and a frau and we have problems.

He has kept his head above water, with slight assistance, and his welfare officer has contacted us to see if we can help. Dave has secured him a fast ball slot in Spain 21st -28th July....... so time isn't on our sides and I won't be turning this fella away.

Tomorrow night I will be booking flights, for his family and mother.

The unit he is attached to have pledge a small amount of help and he and his mother are chucking in what they can.

I need some help chaps, he can only fly from Bristol, he's in a chair.

I need about 380 quid sharpish.

Because it is a fast ball, I'll be covering it in the short term so we can get the flights booked and give them all a small amount of good news.

The total amount is close to 900 but 520 ish is being covered at unit level.

Payment details remain the same:


Lloyds: C. Lee
Sort code: 77-51-01
Acct Number: 54713568

Sort Code: 40-02-00
Acct number: 22286017
£20 on way via Lloyds.

You do realise that between you and H4H you are wrecking my reputation as a stingy git who hates charity and won't give anything to also need to find me an excuse as to why the wife can't buy the new lights for the hall she wants this weekend which is where the £20 was going.

Awesome chaps, please keep it coming.

As yet we haven't had to turn anyone down, and the summer bookings must now be nearly over.

I'll be booking the flights in the early hours. Have just spoken to him and he's thrapping in his chair at his first peice of good luck.
a tenner sent mdn,keep up the good work mate.
20 quid sent via HSBC.

Should come under Mess tin repair kit.

Cheers and good luck. :D
I'll do fifty bank transfer tomorrow if I've got any cash left.. if not.. I'll do it on my credit card via the paypal thingy... just don't tell the wife... otherwise known as the accounts dept.

She keeps telling me I have a tax bill and no money... where's that taxtwat twat. I've got a gun ya know! :pissedoff:
Continued thanks folks. I feel a cnut for keep nagging, just want this one boxing off before I go away.

When Dave finds and apartment and Welfare officers give us clients and there is a shortfall thats when I come tin rattling, begging and blagging.

As said before many are self funding, and there have also been a few debt cases which we've managed to deal with, without having to ask for help.

We are just busy with it being peak time and summer holidays.

275 short......

Can we get this boxed off ?
MDN - will do the GBH thing at work tomorrow morning and drop what's raised into the bank at lunchtime, will PM you in the morning, just in case FD can do it completely / quicker. Well done, again.

...and bump.
Cnut. Just shot a tenner by BACS. From 49 Para Regt Fund..

Cannot manage more since I am broke from buying new wings for everyone and the mess silver got nicked again. - The statue of the second man on the balcony's batman...
Am out most of the day, we've 240- ish to do......

I won't be bumping and using this as a chat thread, as people got hacked off with it in the previous thread.

I'd like to get these booked off, and the thread locked by 18:00 tonight.

We've done well over a third, am sure with our audience we can nail it and get another job jobbed.

And for the Royal Artillery amongst you, this is one of yours you pack of dropshort pikey cnuts, cough up :D

I am concerned to see that Paypal have charged me a fee - this is money that should be going to the cause. This must be a new rule change.


Book Reviewer
No chat, but a definite

Incoming. Cnut.
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