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Hi you lot,

not being an active memeber of HM Forces for a long time, I'm a bit out of the loop regarding a lot of kit news, but...... as any body heard of this story that was broadcast on website yesterday, it reagarding the new nato helicopter.

The thing is , is this heli being bought by the MOD for our lads, i.e. you lot or not?

and secondly dont they test these bloody things before purchase ?.

Just check this out its a disaster.

Ground clearence is to low, only 16 cm, meanich it cant land on rough surfaces.

The ramp is to weak for fully kitted up soldiers to use.

The floor inside is so weak it is not fit for purpose, and infantary boots will damage it.

Simultanious transport of troops and equipment cannot be done (floor damage)

The seats are dangerous and to weak to accomodate a fully kitted up squaddy

Thre is only enough room inside the chopper for troops and 24 hours of re-sup if weapons are laid on the floor.

The doorgunner positiopn doesnt work correctly ,thus making the chopper un armed, covering fire must be made by others at the DZ.

Becasue there are no correct strapsor webbing inside the choppers heay weapons cannot be safely securred.

You cannot fastrope (god I used to enjoy that) from the chopper, the winch is too weak for lowering or winching up (SAR) and LALO drops on an auto line cannot be carried out.

It just goes on and on, and on.

What a disaster, I just hope we havent ordered it.

Comment please
Mr_Deputy said:
I think the Germans have them.
Also in service/on order to:
New Zealand

Includes NFH & TTH
(Source: Janes online)
That video bring back memories of hanging out of the door of a Sioux on a dispatchers harness trying to clear a stoppage on a Gimpy, freezing my arrse off, about 1500ft above Magilligan ranges in tha 70s
Had a play in one last year. The variants (Med, CSAR) are good but it is a bit of a reverse tardis. You wouldn't get much more than a quad bike in the back.
tropper66 said:
static-line-pimp said:
Why on earth have the australians ordered them ?
The australian blackhawk is more than fit for use ?
It is the replacement for the Blackhawk in Australian service apparantly
Correct.The Aussies also purchased the other Eurocopter abortion,the Tigre,and initially at least were not impressed with it.

One would have thought they would have gone for Apaches.

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