New Head of Security at the Palace



The security review was ordered after Daily Mirror journalist Ryan Parry was able to get a job as royal footman.

He said no rigorous security checks were made on his background before he gained close access to the royals.
It certainly is a good choice, if he runs security there like he ran his Bde and Bn.

Not a man with any tolerance of complacency.


Its him.

Buck House won't know what has hit it.
A quick dose of "Non-PC reality" perhaps?
Flip_Flop_the_Gog said:
he used to like stabbing the brigade bird table with his bayonet to emphasize his point!
A bayonet still? What will MS say about that??
It would have to be a Gerber to get as far as 2* :lol:


Gas Gas Gas said:
A quick dose of "Non-PC reality" perhaps?
Dead on. I bet there will be a few of those mincing sycophantic Palace hangers on about to get a right non-PC rifting.
I was in 20 Bde when he was Bde Comd, top bloke. He reckons everyone falls into one of three cattegories, whingers, ******* and warriors. He never struck me as the sort to take unnecessart carp from anyone.

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