New Head of Religious Affairs at BEEB

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. He is -apparently- a Muslim!
  2. So what?
  3. Why - isn't that a religion any more or is the job reserved for blond-haired, blue-eyed, white, male Anglicans? They all believe in the same god don't they?
  4. Muslims make up less than 10% of the UK population.However they are much more vocal than other-larger-religions.Is the BEEB continuing to appease only one religion?
  5. Its around 3% for Muslims and just over 70% for Christian. I'm not arsed either way as I'm neither.
  6. Surely Christian isn't a religion though, it's an umbrella term for any one of dozens of the buggers who believe that Jesus is the saviour of the world and that the new testament is a true and 100% accurate portrayal of his life, as well as the future (despite all the contradictions obviously).

    I wonder what percentage of the population is actually anglican, as opposed to methodist, baptist, episcopalian, latter day saints, quaker, presbyterian, evangelical, mormon or any of the other variants that seem to spring up every time that someone fancies putting their own spin on it. I bet there are more practicing catholics, muslims or hindus than there are practicing anglicans.
  7. Last time I checked, Sunday Worship on Radio 4 came almost exclusively from Christian churches. Do you know how many Christians work for the BBC? If you don't, I don't see how you can say that - by employing a Muslim - they are "appeasing only one religion". Do you suggest that the staffing of public bodies should proportionately represent the religious-ethnic mix of the UK? Idiot.

    Religions in United Kingdom, 2001
    Religion/Denomination. Current religion. Percent %

    Christian 42,079,000 71.6
    No religion 9,104,000 15.5
    Muslim 1,591,000 2.7
    Hindu 559,000 1.0
    Sikh 336,000 0.6
    Jewish 267,000 0.5
    Buddhist 152,000 0.3
    Other Religion 179,000 0.3
    All religions 45,163,000 76.8
    Not Answered 4,289,000 7.3
    No religion +
    Not Answered 13,626,000 23.2
    Base 58,789,000 100

    Source: UK 2001 Census.[1]

    [edit] Denominations in Great Britain
    Religion/Denomination Percent %
    Church of England 22.2
    Roman Catholic 9.0
    Presbyterian/Church of Scotland 2.4
    Methodist 1.8
    Other Protestant 2.3
    Christian (no denomination) 9.6
    Other Christian 0.3
    Muslim 3.3
    Hindu 1.4
    Jewish 0.5
    Sikh 0.3
    Other Religion 0.6
    No religion 45.8
    Refused / NA 0.6
  9. I thought that was what was being said for quite a few years now. The met, the forces...or does it only count if there are too many non-ethnics?
  10. so what? He could have been Jewish or Hindu. As long as he is broad minded enough to provide balanced broadcasting. What next? Protests because the head of Sports broadcasting prefers rugby league to "footi" or the political editor happens to be a LibDem supporter?

    Grow up
  11. a. Which would still make 'Christian' a religion, just not homogenous in its interpretation. Think quantum mechanics - there are several schools of thought that try to explain its mysteries, but they would all describe themselves as physics-based.

    b. Your definition would exclude those branches of Christianity, or individuals, that do not believe that NT is a 100% accurate portrayal.

    a. Mormons aren't Protestant in terms of descent; Latter Day Saints are mormonistic, and generally regarded as being The Mormons.

    b. If you're going to enumerate 'protestants' by denomination, then you should really extend the privilege to the others. There are several branches of 'true' Catholicism (in its wider sense, Anglicans are catholics), and the terms Shia and Sunni may be familiar.

    c. I'm sure an argument could be made that Christianity and Islam are merely branches of Judaism, so the Jews win on headcount in the UK :D
  12. Far better an agnostic at the head of that organisation - at least that individual has a chance of being unbiased!!
  13. :D
    Got to agree with that. I might apply.