New hammock

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by happybonzo, Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. I've just seen this new hammock. Unlike most, it doesn't rely on trees or having suspension points off vehicles.
    The company is working on a fly sheet / tarp at present.
    It looks a very clever idea

    Handy Hammock
  2. I had one of those years ago, and by that I mean I put a tent up whilst shitfaced and the end result looked remarkably similar.
  3. Am sure it would be very useful on Dartmoor.
  4. It'd go in the shed in september and never come out again.
  5. Think I'll hint to SWMBO that one of these would look nice under the tree this year, either that or a couple of bottles of Talisker 54° North. Bugger it, all of the above.
  6. Like the wife.
  7. I'd love to see him putting it up/taking it down in a hoollee.
  8. Has it passed the 'drunken hate-****' test? Pig's arse it has.
  9. H3

    H3 LE

    The gallery photos just show an over complicated chair ..... !!
  10. Or you could buy one of these. A lot easier to put up and available at a garden centre near you.
    I like the wooden base. Would look nice in my garden

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  11. Kin how much?! £99.99! Its a sheet of nylon, a couple of poles and some paracord!
  12. Nice and portable. Not quite as portable as my old mesh one that fit in a pocket, but lighter and simpler than one of those old issue aluminum and canvas cots.
  13. Gide ropes would have to be very securely pegged in. Even then I would feel a bit nervous.
  14. Would be dependent on soil type, otherwise the spt. pegs would just tear out, like those on the old IPK.