New Guy Question 29 or 148 help

Okay gang, so this is my first post.... i understand there are a lot of folks on this forum that want to be Royal Commando Para SAS marines...who drive Tanks and fly planes...or as i have learned on these forums Walty Cnuts as you serving lads call them. I dont consider myself one of them....just looking to find out about the doubt i will find out when i am in...but preparation is everything.

So my application is in and i am awaiting my BARB, obviously getting in is my first concern....but in the meantime i am looking ahead at the future.

I am interested in serving with 3 commando brigade, and taking the Royal Artillery route to doing so.

Can you guys give some info in these questions.

I was wondering what is the best route to get into either 29 Commando Regiment or 148 Commando Forward Observation?.......would i need to go 29 first and then 148? I would be looking to be a Gunner Observation Post assistant.....Is it best to ask to be a gunner first, or do most people go straight in.. I have to go see my AFCO soon...but was hoping you guys could beat him to the answers.


One step at a time fella. First get in, see if the life's for you, get a feel for the required level for serving with Cdo forces.
29 first then 148 if that's the thing for you. There's at least one ex 148 lad on here, he might be able to give you some good pointers.

Personally i enjoyed the 9 years i was with the brigade. Good times and good memories.
Thank you very much

yeah it will definate be a case of one step at a time, gunners looks kick ass to be honest....and i have heard only good things about 29..... so heres a hoping.

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