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New Gurkha Curry Kits...

Just found these new products on an Indian Spices shop..

Nepal Curry, Nepalese Food, Gurkha Fine Foods

Nepalese Curry
(Authentic Gurkha Curry)
Try something different - an authentic and natural taste of Nepal - with this delicious range of traditional dishes from Gurkha Fine Foods.

The traditional Gurkha family meal, a 'Dhal Bhat', begins with 'Tipan Tapan' - a starter for all to share - followed by a meal of Rice, Lentil Dhal and a mild Curry. Achars and Hillboy are used to add heat as required.

The Gurkha Fine Food range has been created using authentic Gurkha recipes and includes 3 Tipan Tapan Spice Mixes, 5 Curry Sauces, 4 Achars (Chutneys) and the ubiquitous Hillboy roast Chilli condiment: everything you need to create a typical Gurkha Dhal Bhat.

'Tipan Tapan' is a social occasion for Gurkhas: the time before lunch or dinner when everyone enjoys a drink and nibbles together. Enjoy this traditional Gurkha party food over a drink with friends, as a side dish or as the main event! Each spice kit comes with a simple recipe and shopping list for you to create your own delicious curry at home.
I use these all the time especially the "hill boy" which is basically minced up chilli. It really nice to make your own chilli sauce with some of this added or bang some on cheese on toast. Emma Ford is the person who makes it
We've had these in the village shop for a while - the dhal is delicious but pricey. Hill boy is a wicked evil thing but it too is delicious; mix it into baked beans mmmm.

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