NEW Guinness Advert

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ICShiiteJobs, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Yes well Diageo the company behind Guinness are none too pleased about this one. It was allegedly made by a 'you tube' user. I suspect this is bollox. The production values are too high for an amateur attempt.

    It was probably created by an agency for promotional purposes - their's not Guinness's.

    Diageo have asked for the ad to be taken down: although of course - there's no such thing as bad publicity.

    It was the same story with the V.W 'unofficial campaign. Whilst distancing themselves from it they were happy to reap the benefits.

    My favorite being this one

    Edited for cider-fingers

    now this bugger will get you turning in your chair, albeit with you hand on your crotch...

    ever heard of a woman having 'teeth' down inside her... qwazzi -modo??
  3. Dunno whether this is good or bad... just shown the guiness ad to the other half.. she says, "we'd best start drinking giuness"....
  4. The toothed vagina, a concept which was alleged to have been formed by Freud I believe, but is in fact an older myth. This fear is said to be responsible for inadequacy/impotence and misogynism in many males.
  5. it freaks me out. 100%... although I wonder what MDN would have to say... can't say it fits in the 'fetish' category...
  6. It is actually serious! I watched that little video expecting a alien to jump out and scream or something.
  7. It actually isn't serious. It's very 'Golden Eye' don't you think.
  8. Well I did think that at first...

    Oh :oops:
  9. Never mind - it was quite realistic. In any case I meant 'Brass Eye' - the show Chris Morris did.