New guidon for the Queens Own Yeomanry

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Yeomanry_Recce, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Is the QOY getting a new guidon a good thing?
  2. Depends on whether the Duke of Westminster is paying for the piss-up afterwards!
  3. A lot of interest in this one then.
  4. About as much interest as there was in the proposed TRF.
  5. Now that its arrival is imminent, who’s busy bulling their recently acquired ammo boots and who’s looking at the ‘special size’ label on their No. 2s and polishing up an excuse?
  6. EErrrrrrrrrrrrrr, no one, lol.
  7. I thought as much.
  8. The big question is, how's it all getting paid? has accommodation been sorted for visiting families & guests? Sod the new 2s & bulled boots, where's the beer tent.

    Was Sqn seniority sorted? what about the Guidon escort?
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Have they cut down any rotten old lightning-attracting trees overhanging the entrance to the regimental square where the vehicles will drive on?

    15/19H didn't in 1982 and would you believe it, on the day of the parade, out of nowhere there came a thunderstorm which dropped them both and everybody in camp was up and out removing dead trees when they were supposed to be in the final throes of prep.

    As a stinking pad I slept through the thunderstorm (in Omagh in 76 I slept through a mortar attack, but that's another story), rolled out of bed and rolled into camp blissfully unaware of what had happened.

    Heavens opened up again halfway through the parade and apart from HRH Maggie (whose ADC got p1ssed wet through holding her umbrella for her) and the troops, there was nobody there to see us. Chunter had very kindly cleared the visitors out of his way with a cry of "Very heavily pregnant Mrs Alien coming through" - first into the dry. Me Hat, Twaaaaat, Red, Ridiculous was never the same again.
  10. Some where along the way I have aquired a green patch with the fox printed on it in black, is that what you're on about? or even the 'Desert Fox' we were issued, oops sorry bought prior to deploying to sandy place 1?
  11. You mean who's after Y Squadron?
  12. To be honest, who cares, do the boys on the ground?
    Y = A Sqn
    A = B Sqn,
    the rest can sort themselves out!