New GTA V Trailer at 16:00

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by joey_deacons_lad, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Any other GTA fans hoping Rockstar will erase the memory of the shite that was IV?
    Rockstar Games
  2. GTA IV was amazing!

    I really liked it. Looking forward to V though.
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  3. V will be even worse than IV. This new "character switching" thing is going to be utter bullshit.

    Bring back Claude Speed.
  4. IV was not shit. I think you need to get your head tested mate! :)
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  5. Niko my Cousin! Lets go bowling
    Niko my Cousin! Lets go bowling
    Niko my Cousin! Lets go bowling
    Niko my Cousin! Lets go bowling
    Niko my Cousin! Lets go bowling
    Pissed me off
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  6. I liked III the best. Let's hope V is a good 'un.

    By the way, NFS:MW pc (the new one) is shite. The game takes about a fortnight to react to the controls, same as SHIFT and SHIFT 2.
  7. Dead wary of the character switching aspect - it's hard enough to get locked into one character's story and I like the idea that there's freedom to **** around and do what you like as 'one person' if that makes sense.

    That said, I think we'll get a really good title. Apparently the maps is as big as San Andreas but far more detailed. I know GTA IV seemed a bit limited to some folks but try to look at it as a fresh start. IV was the tester for the new series. IV basically set out the graphic limitations, found out what was fun, experimented with the multiplayer etc. It also set everything up in a 'new universe'. So V can only be an improvement in terms of content.
  8. Driving out of the back of a plane looks fun!
  9. Man turns up in city to live with cousin.
    Cousin fucks up several times, so has to help him out.
    Odd jobs.
    Gets revenge on man who wronged him.

    Now you compare that to San Andreas... where you did everything from gang warfare, to infiltrating Area 51. Dealing with corrupt cops, to making it in the casino scene. Working with Triads, to dressing up as a gimp.

    III, VC and San An will never be beaten.
  10. I don't mean that. I meant the graphics, setting, awesome missions. The game itself wasn't shit.
  11. "Niko, let us go look at big american titties cousin!"

    I enjoyed GTA IV but the bowling/pizza/pool/dating side of it could have been a bit less frequent. Plus the rozzers were far too switched on, making it difficult to get up to any mischief in the game.
  12. I never did the sidemissions except if they were part of a mission. I did do Packies though to get the car bombs.
  13. All you had to do was follow the damn San Andreas, Rockstar![​IMG]
  14. I just had the phone switched off unless I was on a mission. I do prefer playing the game as Louis Lopez on ballad of Gay Tony more though.
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