New Graphics Card

hi guys.
With the realease of company of heroes and the soon to be realeased Medieval 2 Total War i think i need a new graphics card. (Plus my BF2 looks sh1t compared to my mates)

Dont have alot of money to spend... about £120.
Needs to be PCI express,
and i'd like to stay with Nvidia.
been looking at a XFX GeForce 6800XTreme 512MB. anyone know if its any good?
Any help or ideas would be great.

I used this tool from Crucial Scan to determine what would fit best.

It installs a small programme to do the legwork and then suggests suitable hardware and firmware matches based on your individual spec.

You can then order the parts direct (if you wish) and the service is excellent.

Good luck.
You will not get a lot for that price to be honest. It would prolly be better if you can get the cash to save up a bit longer and go for around the £300 mark. A lot of money I know but you will find it will be a lot longer before you are thinking of upgrading your graphics card again and when you do providing you have 2 x PCI Express slots on your motherboard then you can SLI them (put 2 versions of the same card together with a bridging cable).

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