New Govt Campaigns

Solutions to Bliar`s Respect/Discipline problems

  • Nothing - they work well and criminals are punished

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  • Bring back the birch

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  • Re-introduce Natonal Service to install discipline

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  • Curfew on youth gangs

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  • More ASBOs

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First it was Anti Social Behaviour, then 'respect' now kerb crawling. What is TCB up to?

Am not saying that the policies aren't necessary or correct, just that they appear to be double or triple hatting the police to do much more with limited extra or the same resources. I believe that he may be going about it the wrong way - get rid of his liberal, tree hugging ways and brng back a more structured deterent (see poll)

Is he a force for good or just trying to distract the population from other policies that aren't working??

By announcing a new policy every 10 minutes, he ensures that a) when things keep getting worse the next policy can be heralded as the solution to all ills, and b) he can sweep failed policies under the carpet. Given that just about all of these policies seem to be failing, perhaps they should stop announcing more are more ridiculous ones?
TCB is gradually upping the ante on these campaigns, so that when he goes public on Thoughtcrime, the great unwashed won't blink an eye so long as crossdressing asylum seekers and plastic media whores are on Big Brother (But not real whores, obviously). I'm waiting for two-way tellies and belief-affirming Hate sessions to be touted any day. I don't think the Junior Anti Sex League will be a big hit, however.

TCB is watching YOU!