New Governor General for Australia

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Ozduke, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Now, I certainly was not aware before by move Downunder that each state has a Governor and the nation, a Governor General to represent the Queen in Australia.

    Well, Ms Quentin Bryce has just taken over from Maj Gen Micheal Jeffery former CO of the Australian SAS amongst other things) in that very role. She, like me is very interested in women’s development in Australia and has a fairly good pedigree. Not bad looking in her day either! Jeffery, I am told, was a bit of a git.

    I’m quite surprised that a country such as this, with a, let’s say pre-twenty first century outlook on women, has accepted her.

    I met her last year and she’s a very approachable and switched on lady – I wonder if she’ll be the last Governor General.

    Of note, linking nicely in with the Best British General thread, 1st Viscount Slim was sent to fill the job as, one would presume a neat little golden hand shake between 1953-60.

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  2. She'll probably become your first president.
  3. Never heard of him...errr her (honestly Quentin is a bit of a boys name!).

    Precisely the type of politically correct appointment that we expect from Kev.
  4. We don't get a bloody say as to whether or not we accept her. Our glorious political leaders make these choices for us. Hence why we have a Chinese lesbian 'climate change' minister and a Welsh gwar as our deputy PM and 'Minister for Social Inclusion'.
  5. She is better looking than the one that we have. I have a thing for middle aged women.

    We have an Indian bloke, don't see much of him but he seems OK.
  6. Is it me or in the top right picture does she bear a striking resemblence to Queen Kylie?
  7. Very capable, impressive woman ..... but a farkin' Queenslander!

    Bl00dy h3ll!
  8. Perhaps the question to ask is just how many times they'll drag the issue of republicanism back to the ballot box until they eventually wear down the will of the people and achieve their ambition to become an American state.
  9. Apparently she is a long time crony of the Prime Minister and his misses.Probably be a flop like most of Rudd's ideas.
  10. She may have been half presentable in her youth, but thwt picture makes her look like a negative of Bob Geldofs Ethiopian poster grandma.

    Anyway, shouldn't you lot be accepting the Queen as the new all mighty head of everything instead of deluding yourselves that you are a country of your own?
  11. Agreed. The whole "country" is nothing but an appalling politically correct experiment in prisoners' rights that got way out of hand.
  12. Beauty. Two of the hardest men on the internet looking for a bite. Mind you, you do complain now we can send your riffraff back to you,22049,24305577-5001021,00.html
  13. Not sure about our complaining about that, nobody even heard about that one over here. I suppose Australian jails are too full of refugees to accommodate real offenders nowadays.

    The UK is always happy to see our family members learn from our own mistakes, albeit that it has taken Australia 240 years to emulate us.
  14. They are full of Poms and Kiwis after all :wink:
  15. One less Pom now, by the sound of it :D