New goretex?????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by weeman869, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, does anyone have any ideas on how to get myself one of thoes newfangled Tantalus waterproof jackets? I cant even find anything on google about them but they are the bomb!! ( NSN 3405-99-7395249.) If anyone has one in a good condition id be happy to take it off your hands for a small fee of course! cheers!
  2. Tantalus is the project name applied to all this new kit being trialled at the moment and not the manufacturer. Probably why you can't find it on t'interwebs.

    What's the jacket look like?
  3. the tantalus stuff is on JSP 768 and we are told if its in the JSP768 we can demand it.

    Black. (Tantalus Clothing System)
    NSN: 8405-99-739-5242 DMC: CAS
    Specification: DC/MS/6281 D of Q: Each
    Cost Guide: £92.84 PPQ: 001
    Description: Fleece, Jacket, black with full length front slide fastener, hand warmer and stowage
    thumb loops at cuff. Fast wicking, wind proof and water proof.

    Is this what you are after???
  4. hold on, just found this

    Cut and Sew, Combat Clothing, Uniforms and Work-wear
    Woodland DPM. (Tantalus Clothing
    NSN: 8405-99-739-5247 DMC: CAS
    Specification: DC/MS/6282 D of Q: Each
    Cost Guide: £92.31 PPQ: 001
    Description: Jacket with full length front slide fastener, waterproof, windproof and breathable, chest and
    compass packets, underarm venting, with stashable wired hood.
    Size Range: 5
  5. Also available as a Smock am unsure if it is Para proof but probably just as Gucci

    Olive. (Tantalus Clothing System)
    NSN: 8405-99-739-5229 DMC: CAS
    Specification: DC/MS/6274 D of Q: Each
    Cost Guide: £92.84 PPQ: 001
    Description: Lightweight, colour Olive, breathable, shower proof and wind proof, with hood, adjustable
    wrists and waist. Worn over other clothing as emergency outer layer. Folds into its own pouch
    Size Range: 4
  6. That's probably the one, as that's what I've got, about as waterproof as the normal issue smocks as its made of the same material just with bells & whistles.

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  8. Originally the SF Range of kit. All incorporated and improved on in PECOC. The Jacket is a top notch jacket with a built in MVP liner. Its ace for 8 months of the year and too hot for the remaining 4. Hence the need to issue a 'normal' (but improved) field jacket.

    We never got one back to test for durability as everyone of the trial troops 'lost' them. Some of the old stuff is still available on certain sites for a ridiculous amount of money. But beware the older versions had lost of seam faults and leaked water; thats why the were rejected by the MoD and hence sold on a civvy site.

    Trust me the lightweight Micro fleece is a good piece of kit but not waterproof. A walk to the curry house in the rain taught me that!
  9. I remember seeing these on sale at Dixies Corner last year.
  10. Let me guess, you 'lost' yours too? :p
  11. Multicam can't be that special if a 'city' TA unit is swanning around in it.
  12. but there special :twisted: