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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stabandswat, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. I don't like my issue leather gloves, I find them too cumbersome and slack. I got a smaller size but they still don't feel right. Anyone with any recommendations where I can get a pair that fit snuggly whilst not restricting my movements and keeping my hands warm?
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Berghaus windstoppers are very good, borrowed a pair from a mate for a bimble up in scotland. Highly recommended!

    ...they wont stop you from getting them wet though.
  3. Never felt the need for them meself

    Pockets do me fine.............. :thumright:
  4. I got a pair of those Sealskinz for a trial. God they were great... for the first day. Once they got damp they were fcuking freezing, and I was better off without them. A liner pair sorted it out, but honestly, the issue jobs are heard to beat.
  5. what about these?

    Iwas going to ask the same thing, i ive seen people wearing fingerless gloves as you can still operate things easily but they don't really keep your fingers warm!

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  6. Just got a pair of these from Arco ( 'kin marvellous. Sorry I can't get a picccy sorted but they are in ecatalogue of page 383.

    Cheap as well!

    Product Details:
    Code: 14T0700
    Price: £10.95
    Hard wearing synthetic suede and stretch spandex glove, insulated with a Thinsulate® liner for warmth. Reinforced palm patching for enhanced grip and abrasion protection.

    Pre-curved fingers for reduced hand fatigue.

    Pinched fingertips for added tactility.

    Adjustable wrist closure for better fit.

    Perforated finger fourchettes for comfort.

    Thinsulate® lined.

    Mashine washable.
    Approved to BS EN 388:1994.
    Sizes M . L . XL
  7. go for a divers glove once wet they will keep you warm or do as most sappers do and use your pockets thats what they were designed for if the army had wanted you to put stuff in em they would have given it to you already
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I still have a very old pair of NI gloves.......excellent product.
  9. I'e never used them on land, but when I'm out on the water in winter neoprene sailing gloves are the dog's bits. Becuase they are neoprene they fit nice and snug and make doing fiddly jobs easy. They are waterproof and toastie too. I should think they are just as good in a field or half way up a mountain. About £15 a pair, just type 'sailing gloves' into any search engine... or try this one

    Sailing Glove Range
  10. I've still got a pair of the firs issue green gloves going strong
  11. Aye, neoprene diving or sailing gloves are very good for wet conditions.
  12. Seconded. Dirt cheap and very hard to beat. They'll take a bashing and they're warm as hell too.
  13. Take a bashing or give a bashing?