New Gloves?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by deaks101, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Ok, so it has been asked before and I know its the middle of summer, but has anyone got any ideas for a good pair of gloves?

    Ergonomic (tight fitting), bloody good at keeping the cold off and the water at bay are basically the requirements.
  2. Arc'Teryx Stingers. Bloody expensive but bloody good.
  3. Thoroughly recommend Barbour neoprene shooting gloves.

    About £20, green and black, snuggly and warm even underwater.

    Tight without being restrictive.

    Both hands have slots in the thumb and forefingers and velcro to keep them out of the way when actually shooting.

    Moderately robust, but I wouldn't lay barbed-wire with them on!
  4. The Issue ones; Long Lasting, Water Resistant, Warm, reduced window for some smart arrse to tell you to take them off and they're really cheap (I was last issued a pair for £0). The real icing on the cake is if yours don't last as long as mine (8 years and ticking) then you can get them replaced for free too.
  5. I personally found the Barbour ones to be a load of shite, they take no physical punishment at all and the cuts in the fingers mean they fill up with crap inside the second you try to do anything remotely dirty.

    I've seen the issue desert gloves dyed with green leather dye before, which looked pretty good, leaving them a two-tone green desert pattern. Maybe a black dye if you don't like green, although you have to put up with the strap and buckle remaining brown as the dye doesn't take to them.
  6. Couldn't agree more with the sentiment, but I've never got on with the contact gloves (too thin, too cold, too small/big) or the leather ones (too spongelike, too bulky).
  7. Depends on what you're doing...

    I find that if you're just standing about, the trouser gloves work really well in the winter. The jacket gloves are quite good in the spring and autumn, but are nowhere near as warm. They've also got the advantage that there's no extra weight to carry, no bulkiness, you can't lose them and they cost nothing.

    You just have to make sure that nobody sees you wearing them. ;)
  8. Pockets will not be worn around the wrists
  9. ....And what's the NSN for the cord that threads up one sleeve, down the other and attaches to the gloves so that you don't lose them?
  10. I've seen combat jacket pockets with stitched in fleece lining. Truly awesome idea if you ask me.
  11. Cold hands = hands in pockets = seen by badge = press ups = warm hands.

    On a serious note;

    Costco Wholesale Warehouse sells three pairs of strong American leather rigger type gloves, in a light tan for around £15, idea for the tank park, vehicle loading, laying barbed wire etc.

    or if your hands are shot like mine, Makro Wholesale Warehouse sell two types of Impact high performance gloves in black, or black and grey, in leather and neoprene, very tight fitting, very supportive and warm for around £15 to £20. These may be suitable for shooting, exercises etc.
  12. Can you please give the details of the gloves?
  13. The gloves in Makro are normally in the tool section or workwear section.

    They sell two types;

    1, Black and grey leather/neoprene with raised rubber padding on the fingers/back of hand similar to 1970's NI issue gloves, made by Buildtex at around £15. They also make a plain black glove.

    2, Black glove (some may have yellow stitching),(stitching can be dyed black), similar to above, but made by DEWALT!! the power tool company at around £20.
  14. American Pilots gloves. Made of Nomex, got a nice grip on one side. I think you can pick them up in the UK at a fairly ridiculous price, but the yank pilots will swap them for all sorts of cool things if you can find one willing to swap!
  15. Truly awesome til they get wet. then a complete pain because the pocket weighs 10 tons.

    the SF smock idea of putting vents along the bottom can help this.

    the other awesome idea is simply lifting your smock up at the sides and putting your hands in your softie pockets :)