New girlfriend.

Anyone wanting a do on her you'll have to mop up my mess off her cheek.

When she breathes out she fanny farts and her breath smells like fcuked cnut.

Improvement on her sister though....

Not the nicest looking chick but sitting on her face gives you a bit of a treat in the botty and a well licked scrote
You need to up the parental controls on your search engine :twisted:
I love her....... fcuking her head makes my week complete.

If she doesn't sit still I crimp her head in a big clamp and poke it...... then I turn round and have her sister face fcuk my crimper for me
Why does the phrase "fcuked in the head" come to mind?


I take it the sisters were once very close

as to your girlfriend.. why, I'm impressed, she looks almost human..
quite a change for you, isn't it?

she looks rather well adjusted in the phottie..

guess she managed to get through school without being hurt by harsh nicknames such as cnutface tossed her way..
I want to see them at it.

The fact that it'll be incest as well only makes it better.
The best thing ever to show to a bunch of mates round for a dinner party.

Brilliant, it meant more pudding for me ;-p
Thats the worst case of hair lip I have ever seen.
Its her dog I'm after

I think your new girlf is a bit of a cnut to say the least :D

Give this one a go, you'll have a fighting chance as she flobs round the bedroom like a human seal.


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