new girl friend wont put out

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thefootman, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Ive been seeing this girl now for three weeks. we have only madew love twice. i know there is somthing wrong here. we stay at mine and do it ony once and then she will go to sleep straight after leaving me horney and im only jst started. the next morning i try to get her started again but she just turns over and holds my hands so i cant try to encourage her. what is with this.

    im no sex maniac but what is up with this girl
  2. When I wuz drilling her last night she told me your schlong is way too small.
  3. For gods sake leave your mum alone

  4. Its obvious mate, your just no good in the sack, she like you for your 'personality' but after a taste of your talents she has assigned physical pleasure to her rabbit.

    Never mind eh, you just need to get some professional help on your technique.
  5. If you phuck like you spell, she's probaby got a dildo up her hoop right now......

    Send her over to Santa. I'll put a smile back on her face, you phucking gayer.
  6. You've been seeing her 3 weeks....and you make love????? 8O

    Fella thats your problem right there! You should be fcuking her senseless, not making bloody love :roll:

    Now grow and pair, bend her over and stick it right up her ricker, then you'll see a difference.
  7. how long is it since (s)he had the transexual op?? - send dave my regards, (s)hes probably sore from the Op still, you'll be right in few weeks.
  8. Lets see the pics and we will be able to give you a better idea of what you are up against Male/Female??
  9. this is a fishing trip.
  10. Yep time to Ram Raid her wait until she rolls over and pot the brown.
  11. Did you give her the full 15 seconds, or was it an ND?
  12. talk to her
  13. Hahahahaha.....what kind of advice is that.......?? You Hom...

    Question: Why do women fake orgasms..??
    Answer: Because they think men care...
  14. Get some wife beater in you before you errm.. make love.