New Gatso 2 - Big brother is here

Is this the final phase of big brother (1984)

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I have absolutely nothing against ANPR systems fitted to patrol cars, they help to catch the scumbags who are driving around in uninsured cars. The advantage of this is that there are police officers there that can make a decision when the kit mis-reads the number plate, this can happen because of fancy text used on the numberplates (as was popular a couple of years ago) or because of bolt positions, etc. I believe that there are still alot of mis-read plates being read by the congestion charge cameras in London. I'm also against government agencies having the ability to track peoples movements over long periods of time like this, its way too totalitarian for my tastes, which will probably mean it's right up BLiars street. I can easily see this sort of system being used for a road toll system that will hit taxpayers in this country even more than they are already!
What I find obscene is the presumption that vast portions of people in this country are criminals just waiting to be caught.

What gives Whitehall the right to track our movements as a matter of routine? As usual, law enforcement is relegated to the relatively petty end of the scale as long as it can be used to generate income for the goverment :?

Seems to me that all these developements are fairly innocent sounding when they start but later become available for more Draconian purposes. The Trafficmaster system of cameras (blue cameras on trunk roads) is allready capable of much of this. Supposedly it is designed in such a way that although it tracks individual vehicles it allocates them an ID not related to its number plate. All this technology is employed simply to monitor journey times for the trafficmaster system.......
The government, police etc... seem to have forgotten that this system will only track and provide evidence on law abiding people that register their vehicle with DVLA.

It will do nothing to tackle the problem of scumbags that buy a car from someone for cash and then fail to register the change of keeper with DVLA. The large proportion of these arrseholes subsequently drive without MOT, Insurance or Tax but unless they are stopped by a police vehicle they will bever be prosecuted.

I also agree with MikeMcc that this system will be used in the future to raise more income from an already overtaxed population of law abiding motorists.

The long fingers of Gordon Brown extending even further into our pocket by stealth yet again!!! :evil:
Government's past history in bringing various computer systems into operation is pretty dismal to say the least so not worried all that much about it.

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