New gaming erm, work PC required - advice

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by oldcolt, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. Can of worm time... My last gaming er, work PC darling,work PC...honestly, cough; has died on me and I am now looking to replace it. I have a budget of around a grand and want to get the best performance I can for my money (I play mainly COD, Total War, Civ and the Tom Clancy series type games (very old stuff and the more recent ones) - also looking forward to trying the new Sniper game as well) . I probably could build it myself but, I'd rather have a company build it so I have some come-back if it goes wrong.

    1. Which PC manufacturers are best for this kind of thing.
    2. Do any give MOD discount (well, if you don't ask...)
    3. Given the above budget, what specs' (including operating system) would you recommend and why

    Thanks in advance folks :)
  2. the boy is looking into a new gaming pc and is rabbiting on about!! I know NOTHING...i'm a pc pleb!!
  3. Excellent website / company for reasonably priced high end gaming rigs. They know their stuff.
  4. Just been having alook. Looks good! Now have an additional dilema to add to the mix.. do I want 3D?
  5. I was looking to ask exactly the same question - looking to upgrade to play the Total War series at high resolution - sick to death of black-screen "monitor going to sleep" crashes....

    Again, budget about a grand - need base unit only. Checked computers out at PC World this weekend and would seem to fit the bill, but I'm advised that they are very average value for money. Overclockers get mixed reviews - some rave, but some really bad.

    Choices, choices. Bottom line, can anyone recommend an off-the-shelf computer that can cope with NTW at high graphics resolution without crashes..?
  6. Also try Leading supplier of Computer Hardware, they have technical experts you can talk to over the phone and will configure the best spec system within your budget. Look them up, then give them a call, the sales team are extremely tech savvy.
  7. I got mine from Novatech... great PC and good service.
  8. In terms of keeping costs down if your existing stuff is not too ancient or knackered, Scan for example do packages of motherboard, CPU, memory and cooler overclocked to taste and all put together so all you have to do is swap out existing kit and keep existing case, power supply, hard drives and ROM drives if they are fit for purpose.

    It involves nothing more than a few screws and connectors, although the abilty to RTFM for the Motherboard when connecting up is a nice skill to have.

    Be aware though that does not necessary work with a Dell, who I discovered the hard way used non standard connectors on their power supplies to make such such upgrades difficult. That just meant a new PSU and a lot of swearing.

    After that, add a decent Graphics card. In terms of bang for bucks the ATI Radeon 5850 is good, does not run hot nor require a huge power supply. I have a 1024MB version which rocks but there is now a 2048MB version for not a lot more. Shop around as prices vary.

    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850 Vapor-X 2048MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card [11162-08-40R] Graphics and Video ATI HD 5850 Series

    P.S. Just make sure it will actually fit in your case! These things are getting huge.
  9. Gets my vote too - found them often to be cheaper than Overclockers.
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I bought my current desktop from PC world a while back (something I **never** thought I'd find myself doing - but, as anything, do your homework first, check the specs of their systems online first and you can find some bargains. (they also have a handy argos type check and reserve thingy on the website too - or did, at any rate.)
    I got a nice quad core with a decent (for almost two years ago) gfx card, 22" glass tft and a nice set of Creative speakers for £750 all in (they were quite happy to knock a bit off for cash too). the closest I got to the same spec anywhere else (including overclockers) was about a grand. immaculate build quality and (touch wood) had **zero** problems with it. (although I've probably just given that the kiss of death now.)
  11. This should really be quoted for emphasis (I found this out to my dismay a couple of years back as well) which is why people should look towards other sites such as Overclockers, Novatech etc.
  12. Not only Dell do this although they are probably one of the worst offenders. Other 'mainstream' manufacturers have been known to do the same.
  13. that's not what i've heard from many friends who've used them, they are great at selling etc, try them when you need to send something back or use their customer service's really bad by all accounts

    im on about overclockers here the post with quotes isnt working in case you thought i was talking gibberish