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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by still21inmymind, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. As Salman Rushdie has now faded into fish and chip wrappings, how about following his lead and starting a new game "Fatwah Before Bed".

    The idea is to insult various sundry persons and dieties until someone calls for your assassination, specifically, by name. No cop-out 'Smudges or Taffs' etc.

    Any Fatwah issued to be either copied here or linked to this thread. I believe that if any get the RC equivalent there is a good chance the Pope himself might do the deed, being the best shot in Vatican City.
  2. Would this bring Arrse into disrepute?
  3. Is the winner the first one assassinated?
  4. Possibly, I fully expect this to be binned.
  5. First one nominated, maybe we could create another game as a follow up "Dodge The Dagger".
  6. 'being best shot in Vatican City', surely?
  7. I like what you did there. :D
  8. Are we meant to taunt them about their lack of progress at Weight watchers?
  9. Whatever wobbles your chalice my friend, and thank you for drawing the attention of our 35000 avid readers to the fact that I spell like old people fcuk. I did of course mean deities, but some of them could do with skipping a few Maccy Ds.
  10. Bit spooky that, 2 Parsifal-related posts in a row.
    However, I would like to categorically state that I have no affiliation whatsoever with said nit-picking grail wannabe. Position's taken. Get thee back to Rosslyn.
    But back on thread, before it gets binned:
    Still21, I got a problem with that 'before bed' bit.
    See, I've been trying to flog a potentially inflammatory little story for a few years now, and no publisher will touch it with someone else's barge pole because it's guaranteed fatwah material.
    From every corner of the compass.
    Does this make me a bad person?
    And has the world lost its appreciation of satire?
    And, most importantly, how can I accomplish said fatwah before bed?
  11. Can we post cartoons ?

    Or is that considered tooooo risky and therefore qualify for an immediate fatwah against the postee.
    'p.s for the semantic/pedantic plebes I deliberately spelt Toooo wrong in order to emphasize the word. I will issue a fatwah of my own if anyone so much as mentions it.
  12. All god botherers are nob heads, to quote a post on here i remember, myths and fairytales have no place in a modern society, what next self detonating pixies in the name of religion.

    come on you religious freaks of all denominations , ill ave the lot of you.
  13. The Pope is gay and has a season ticket for Ibrox.
  14. Does it count if we pick on minorities like the Zoroastrians just to be on the safe side?
  15. Chalice, sorry to hear you're having trouble marketing your novel. I firmly believe that if the Gods are as powerful as their PR brigade suggest, they would snot us trouble makers with divine retribution (Holy HE Quick Batman!) and not have to contract out to Jihadis, Jehovah's Wotsits, Priests, Rabbis, Padres or others.

    Any 'established' religion is fair game, not our fault if they can't draw the crowds, try a miracle or two. I know it has followers (some rather camp) but does Arrse constitute a religion?