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New G10BH GTLS with mb-microtec illumination

MWC have just released the 2007 upgrade to the G10BH Self Luminous watch. It now uses mb-microtec GTLS as used in Traser and Luminox watches. The back carries the mb-microtec authentication. The original watches were made for a US contract and used SRB GTLS, these sold out very quickly. The new upgraded version came about because the main contract customer paid the extra for the uprated light sources. As we got them for the same trade price we are able to offer them at the same price as the 2006 model.

Click Here for the G10BH GTLS

Also just in stock is a new model mechanical G10. This is exactly the same as a G10BH 2007 with the real glass and Superluminova but the contract specified a robust mechanical movement. The client needed a watch without any electronics or a quartz crystal. We have picked up some of the contract over run.

Click Here for the Mechanical G10

Finally - at last we have got hold of some 2007 G10BH PVD S/F, we have been waiting for these for several months but everytime they ran the watch they went straight out to contract.

Click Here for the G10BH PVD 2007

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