New G10BH GTLS Gaseous Tritium Light Sources Available

We have just received a small shipment of the new 2006 G10BH with GTLS Light sources. These are similar to the ones used in Traser, Luminox, NITE etc. The main advantage of this watch is that it is smaller and thinner - proper G10BH size and even retains the battery hatch on the back.

We have less than 20 as the first production run was for a US Contract. These will become more widely available later in the year.

One has been sent across to Germany to go with the Army team attempting to climb Mt Cook later this month. We thought this would be a good test for the watch. Although we have supplied Traser as the main watch, we hope the team will have time to give this new G10 a workout.

For more information on this watch Click Here

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