New G10BH @ £39.99 inc 2nd Strap This weekend.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    my company sponsors the Int Cell, to drum up some interest in the new business we are offering G10BH's including a second free strap for £39.99 including UK or BFPO shipping. Alternatively you could buy one from Silvermans for £89.99

    We also have the G10 Black PVD Chrono & Steel Chrono for £129.99 inc - or again if you are feeling well off, pop along to Silvermans and part with £250.00.

    How about a W10 for £59.99 inc - but perhaps Silvermans price of £150 makes it a better watch :lol: :lol:

    You can get these offers on our normal site:

    or if you are an undercover secret agent, secret SAS soldier, or have recently completed you HAYHOMO Parachute course, then visit our 'Walt/Wanabee' site

    Please buy lots or my wife will have to go back to the nude ironing webcam job to pay for the kids shoes :)

  2. Give us a look at the video cam first and we'll let you know.
  3. Sorry but its 2p per minute and with the latest pay rise we know it will be tough to afford it without forgoing luxuries like beer & fags..... :lol:
  4. You either have expensive shoes or an ugly wife.
  5. :D She only buys Clarks shoes for the kids :lol:
  6. Just bought one, better get a signed pic of yer mrs doing nude ironing and details of the secret SAS handshake or I'll get very cross. :wink:
  7. Unfortunately we're out of photos as the last batch were confiscated by our local UKIP candidate to use on his election posters, as its the only way he will get anyone to look.

    Regarding the secret handshake, I will have to ask the guy who fitted our house alarm. Apparently after serving in the SAS and Nuclear submarines as well as 5 years in the Legion to get his French passport; he went on to do some 'security work' in Iraq..... However there is a bloke who looks just like him doing security cameras in Lincoln...... perhaps he has a brother ?????? Anyway I will be sure to get you details of the 'secret' handshake :D

    BTW Cheers for the order, as we speak my wife is loading the kids into the car to go and buy them some shoes.
  8. Ah but which dodgy street vendor did you and 'a certain TV shopping channel' purchase those Oskar Emil thingy watches from? The prices make you wonder a bit.

    The Para-Marine watch is good enough for any walt.

    I'll do you a deal, I'll buy a watch if you can use your secret SAS naked wife ironing photo ops sqn to put pressure on payroll to get me my bounty.
  9. Yep, the Oskar Emil's are worth what we sell them for and not the prices Oskar Emil or some shopping channels do. The Caesium Chrono is a good watch for under £100, but I would shoot myself if I paid OE the £625 they charge. The next time you see a guy in a car park or at a trade show knocking out an OE Caesium for £199.99 - saving you over £400 :lol: just remember that we knock them out for £79.99 inc postage. We make about £10 on a Caesium, so even visiting members of the RAF can work out how much markup OE are making at the Trade shows, car shows etc.

    The Traser Para-Marine is not available to Walts as they are in such short supply we can only supply them to customers who provide a signed authourisation from Andy McNab himself :lol: :lol: Of course you could got to the 'other' supplier who has them for £240 - no Andy Authourisation required, so that is why they charge £60 more than we do.

    This very afternoon I have dispatched 'W' Sqn, naked and with ironing boards to drop in on payroll and get your Bounty, if they are out of Bounties they have been told to grab a Mars Bar. We were going to have Kit Kats as the fallback but as 'W' Sqn are made up entirely of women, I don't think we would see the 4 fingers again.
  10. Some watch tips & info... sorry to bore you all...

    I should have mentioned that our Oskar Emil's actually come from Oskar Emil. If you are offered one at a Trade Show, Military Show etc then check to see if the serial number has been filed off (some models like the Aspen + St Petersburg) and make sure it has a light yellow coloured warranty card or booklet from Ebling Feres. If it doesn't then you have a grey import or copy.

    Watches to avoid on the shopping channels include:

    Swiss Balance
    Swiss Sport
    American Sport

    These watches are marked up at £99 - £129 each, and the shopping channels sell them for around £12 each + postage. If you want one then I can get you 10 assorted for £60 inc VAT and postage. There is nothing wrong with them but they are cheap and cheerful, OK for a night out provided it isn't raining too hard :D

    Zeitner and Klaus Kobec (as seen on QVC + Sunday Magazines) are supplied by the same company as Claude Valentini + Krug Baumen (As seen on BBC Watchdog) The best ones are the Zeitners - we bought some as an overstock and are selling them for less than Zeitner or the Sunday magazines. Avoid the Claude Valentini (total crap) the Krug Baumens are OK at the right price, reasonable movements but only pay about 15 - 20% of the ticket price. Klaus Kobec + Zeitner have good designs, reasonable insides but again not worth anywhere near their ticket price.

    Good cheap brands are

    Reflex (Myota movement, battery will last 3 years)

    Terrain (we sell them)

    Vialli - we had a 3 dial chrono from them (now not made) sold about 200 at xmas for £14.99 with a real leather strap ! Had only 1 return.

    Regarding general pricing on watches, one of the Myota movements is one of the most popular in small watches, ladies and kids. We supply a kids watch for £4.99 that has exactly the same Myota as a leading brand sold on the high street in the form of a ladies watch for £189.99. The movements are 30p each BTW
  11. Just a thanks to "Military Watches" good quick service.
    Ordered Saturday afternoon via the website, posted off to me Sunday and arrived Tuesday recorded delivery.
    But no nude piccy of the wife ironing :wink: :D
  12. Damn...... my wife must have got to the post first :lol: :lol: Pleased it arrived quickly, you can never tell with the post these days.
  13. Hold On just One Moment.
    MWC aint CWC for a start.
    I used to sell MWC and they are not the same as the issue CWC watches, not by a long way. The PVD diver is OK so long as you dont want to dive, however if you dive with an MWC dive watch prepare to die water resistance is about six inches, due to a faulty crown.

    The G10 type watch is fine, quite good actually but Silvermans sell the proper CWC G10 a much better watch for the same price as yours.
    The £150 watch you mention at Silvermans is a manual wind 1970's type of exceptional quality although the price is a bit steep.

    Did I mention I collect watches?

    If anyone is thinking of buying a military watch there is a site called with lots of servicemen British and American and watch experts who can set you right.

    Hope I didn't cause too much of an upset, but this type of thing gets my goat.
  14. 1. CWC are owned by Silvermans and Silvermans are the only ones selling new ones and that is why we don't offer them to our customers to give them the choice.

    2. CWC DO NOT have the MOD contract for 'issue' watches, Pulsar supply the current G10.

    3. The W10 we sell has a mechanical Swiss movement and is equal to the CWC.

    4. The MWC Diver I have been using since last year has certainly gone deeper than 6 inches. It goes in our hot tub on a regular basis (about 3 ft deep and 39 degree's)it is full of chemicals as well as the hot water. Perhaps I need to try it out 'hot air' diving.

    As nearly everyone reading this will know, the G1098 Specification for a watch is only that - a specification to which manufacturers must produce a watch. CWC do not have some god given right to be the only ones to produce the watch. If they were so good, why has Pulsar got the current contract ?

    Could it be that Silvermans/CWC are pricing a little high - perhaps hoping the Walts or Wanabees buying the SAS Bergens may want to fork out £150 for a watch only worth £60

    What we do is:

    Supply watches at a good price without ripping off our customers but still making enough profit to make it worthwhile.

    Get the watch to the customer within 24 hrs where possible.

    Be at the end of a phone Monday to Friday for customer service.

    I'm not knocking the quality of CWC, just their price. If customers want to pay Silvermans/CWC prices for a G10BH that used to be sold to the military for less than £15 then I'm sure they will, however by just looking at other postings about this company around arrse I think you may realise that most people have got wise to their pricing :)

    You say you used to sell MWC, were you one of the dealers that MWC dropped or did you quit? I have sold over 400 MWC watches with 3 returns for warranty. I also sell Citizen, Seiko, loads of Casio, Traser and Armani. Traser have the fewest issues and Armani the worst. MWC are near the top - must be because all of my customers who bought the Mil Diver died while diving - or perhaps at the shock of seeing CWC prices :D :D

    BTW I have past your comments on regarding the MWC diver to Dieter at MWC in Switzerland to see if he would like to comment.

  15. As a footnote you said

    'The G10 type watch is fine, quite good actually but Silvermans sell the proper CWC G10 a much better watch for the same price as yours. '

    When I went to school the £49.99 inc postage for a G10BH current pattern wasn't the same as £89.99 at Silvermans for a 2000 pattern ?

    Perhaps I was dropped on the head as a baby, or perhaps I live in an alternative universe where £49.99 is actually different from £89.99 ???? Someone pinch me please :D :D Silvermans cheapest G10 is £69.99

    Just off to take my Sanatogen and have my afternoon nap - perhaps the CWC price will have dropped £40 by the time I wake up :D