New "G.I."style helmet

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mon_colonel, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. A new G.I. style helmet is being introduced to help troops get a better visual while in the prone position, apologies if this has been covered but I could'nt find anything on it

    G.I. Helmet
  2. Even without body armour, the old Mk6 used to foul on the SUSAT in the prone. The rear emergency sight used to wear a hole in the cover which is why they were always taped up or patched. Bag of sh te.

    Seeing that this is 2/3 the weight of the Mk6 / 6a it's got to be a big improvement in that regard alone aside from not bouncing between Bergan and sight unit. Surprisin that the ACOG has a higher line of sight than the SUSAT, could make getting a cheek weld more difficult than it already is on that system.

    Body armour is still way too heavy - nearly 30lbs? My full CEFO used to weigh barely any more than that. (unless it rained ;) )
  3. "The first 5,000 sets are going to infantry soldiers, engineers, drivers, medics, dog handlers...."

    Are there many dog handlers that need to adopt the prone position? :)
  4. Unfortunately the Mail has managed to get its facts slightly wrong - its 200g lighter, not a whole pound. It is a noticeable difference when you compare the two but not as big as this article would have you believe.
  5. Thought it seemed too good to be true!
  6. I brought this up about the MK6 last year. Nearly everyone on here swore blind the MK6 was the best helmet in the universe and there was nothing wrong with it. I knew I was right. :)
  7. Apparently the Infantry get a bit testy whenthey just stand at the back.
  8. Its still not bad though and the helmet/ballistic plate interface is a whole lot better. It is a function not just of the helmet design but also the body armour design.
  9. Wasn't that something to do with not allowing the paras to wear their own helmets?
  10. The mailis great isnt it, they report on a new design of helmet to help the chaps then iuse a piccy of said helmet with a helmet cover on. Thats useful that is
  11. Yes that was how the thread started.
  12. Here's it without:

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  13. As always :roll:
  14. What a total cock you are!

    Care to share with us your experiences of kit on operations?

    Where would we be if soldiers didn’t complain about the drawbacks, limitations and deficiencies of clothing, kit and equipment? Many of those doing the gobbing off at the time had not even seen the new MK6A helmet as it was only just being issued to those deploying on HERRICK 8. How can you defend a piece of equipment you’ve never seen let alone worn?
    The fact that the MK6A lasted just over a year is testimony to those who whinged that it needs to be changed to a helmet that gives better visibility in whatever fire position you decide to adopt.
  15. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I have to agree with Fallschrimjager here, I think everyone has the experience of going through recruits with a helmet that is too large/small/just not been shown how to fit the helmet properly so it wobbles and falls about - or struggling to get a sight picture, even when not wearing daysacks. To get mine to fit there's bits of roll mat stuffed all over mine.

    I've not deployed yet, but as an infanteer I agree wholeheartedly with the notion that one should be able to see through his sights without doing the magic inflatable girl bendy neck act. I wore osprey when in brecon, and it was hard enough to get a decent sight picture there let alone with daysacks/obua kit. The kneeling unsupported only goes so far!

    It is good that this new kit is coming out.