New furniture face

Random post this, but I just recently got fitted with a pair of DFS' own on my face and I noted while on a 100m range that... I can see over the top of the bastards or indeed the rim just gets in my field of vision and I end up chucking them.

Obviously this makes me a liability.

Anyone else ever had this issue? And how the shit do you get around it, I've tried some issue glasses too in case my 'bling' ones were too thin, but they were even worse and I could see half of the fig 11, the rest was black rim.

I could get contacts, but what the hell? Has my head position been 'wrong' all this time? Should I try and get a few extra cm higher in my shoulder?

Any help from fellow recently myopified would be appreciated.
Should have gone to Specsavers.

Get BIG lenses. Also, metal frames help.

Or do as Ray Reardon (?) did - get the specs made up so that the frame is upside down.
They're ****. Respirator lenses are a nightmare too. Specsavers (who are shit quality may I add) is the way forward.

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