New fund to support war veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johnboyzzz, May 4, 2008.

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    A new fund is to be created to support ex-servicemen and women, it has been revealed.

    Communities Minister Stewart Maxwell will unveil plans to create the Scottish Veterans' Fund next week.

    The Scottish Government has never previously provided dedicated funding for veterans' issues north of the border.

    But it does have responsibility to veterans in housing, health and social care, education and employability.

    Mr Maxwell is expected to announce details of the new fund when he speaks at the Ministry of Defence Scottish Veterans' Conference in Edinburgh on Tuesday.

    Speaking ahead of the conference, Mr Maxwell said: "The welfare and well-being of Scotland's veterans is important to everyone.
    "For the vast majority of men and women leaving the armed forces the transition back to civilian life is a smooth and trouble-free experience.

    "For a minority of service leavers though, the re-integration with civic society is far from easy.

    "A whole range of obstacles and circumstances can conspire to deprive these men and women of the opportunity to lead fulfilling and successful lives."

    He added: "It is the responsibility of us all to ensure we do all we can, within the resources available to us, to ensure that the veterans' community receives the level and quality of services that they deserve."

    Ron Smith, chairman of Veterans Scotland, said his organisation would "fully support and welcome" the creation of a dedicated Scottish veterans' fund.

    "This is a further example of our work with the Scottish Government to deliver for the needs and aspirations of Scotland's veterans," he said.

    Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon announced last year that veterans were to be given priority on the NHS to treat problems arising from their military service.
  2. Whilst I commend the establishment of a fund for any veterans, why Scottish veterans? We don't have a Scottish Army - we have a British Army (same for the other services). If the Scottish Government is going to use taxpayers' money, isn't it UK taxpayers' money and not just Scottish taxpayers' money? Or am I just being dumb?
  3. Discrimination?
  4. The Scottish Government make their own decisions on a lot of spending - independent of Westminster. i.e. no student fees - but this type of statement makes things really complicated. Who would be entitled to this? Do you have to be born in Scotland? Served in a Scottish Regiment (sorry Battalion) - if you're Scottish and serve in the British Army outside Scotland (like Junior-Oldmuso) are you still entitled? A real mess - and with (Scottish) Brown in Westminster, Boris in London and the SNP in Edinburgh I think we've a really messy 5 - 10 years ahead in British politics. I'm Scottish and I'm confused!
  5. Even before the present devolved government, Scottish administration and legislation has always been devolved and there are many Service charities which are specifically Scottish, such as the Royal British Legion Scotland and the Earl Haig Fund (poppy scotland).

    As a UK-wide organisation Combat Stress, for example, have a treatment centre in Scotland which benefits from MOD national funding but obviously cannot be supported by the English NHS, and therefore must look to the Scottish budget for part of their funding.

    It therefore seems to me a good thing that the Scottish government and parliament should recognise their responsibilities towards veterans, especially in the fields of health and social care, housing, education and employment. We will look closely at the details to be announced on Tuesday.
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I see Scottish politics as a pressure group upon UK politics. Therefore I see this as a good thing and once again I hope Westminster will copy their siblings actions.
  7. my bold. As that was already the case when it was 'announced' last year, why has this been included in the article? it does not seem to fit, and has the 'feel' of a party political statement. - or is it just me? BBC - the promotional wing of the labour party.

  8. Nicola Sturgeon is the Health Secretary in the Scottish National Party administration, which ousted the former Labour/Lib Dem coalition in last year's Scottish Parliament elections.
  9. ok, my mistake, thanks for the correction. HMMM humble pie. :D