New Friends / Nice Ladies?

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by devonman, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Hiya, I'm Andy just new to the Site and I'm saying hello. Single guy, known as a "war pensioner". I'd love to make new contacts, especially with genuine ladies.

    So, anyone nearby and wants to chat?...drop me a line. Thankyou

  2. Hi,

    tell us lucky ladies about yourself. How old, how much money and where you're based. Are you a squaddie?

    Don't forget to put a piccy in the gallery.

    mwah xxxx
  3. as opposed to unreal ladies? :? or marines in women's clothing?
  4. I know that now you're married sex is off the menu, but pimping yourself out to other men...? I'm sure if you asked MDN nicely he'd shove something up your ricker that would tickle your prostate, as it were. :twisted:
  5. There are a lot of unreal ladies on this site...........did i say ladies......LoL........If you live in devon, get yourself to Rococcos in Exeter, if you dont pull birds are definatly on a looser........ :?
  6. Har har, some funny people on this here Site :-0 Missed my big chance 2 cast a wide net and land some beauties then have I? Well, lets see...Andy's divorced, single, lady friends but no-one serious at the current time. About average height and build. Likes running and walking, fishing, and most things that occur between men and women.

    Well travelled, exForces, educated and a gentleman ALL the time.

    <<Shut up boys this is my big chance, I won't beggar up your big moment !>>

    Very fit, as the job requires that. Mature, under fifty, not bad looking . Anyone want local knowledge or company during their next Cornish holiday don't forget Andy, a thoroughly good egg. That's all folks, I thank yow!

    (The guys are going to hang me out to f''king dry)
  7. No need.............hanging completed already by your good self :)
  8. Ta smudge, :wink: check your underwear for fleas..... :twisted:
  9. Devon and Cornwall is/are lovely this time of year, you can walk the Coastline, trudge over Dartmoor, or spend time just looking out to sea.

    There's plenty to do and see where I live, as I'm quite shy (plus busy studying), I don't have the time (or bottle) to look for a lady.

    Thanks to those ladies who replied, ever need an escort by a gent and a knowledgeable guy, let me know. Indeed, if anyone, boy or girl , needs any info they can't get online or elsewhere, send me a PM. Glad to be of help.

  10. How much is your pension?
  11. Do you have a
    dodgy heart
    and a
    large trust fund !! owwww dale we could tag team him and split the cash ............
  12. Andy post a photo of yourself in shorts only.
  13. Hiya, I'm Henry just new to the Site (well this forum) and I'm saying hello. Married guy, known as a "war pensioner". :roll: I'd love to make new contacts, especially with "easy" ladies.

    So, anyone nearby and wants to chat?...drop me a line. Thankyou

    Or in other words I'm not getting my share from Mrs Tombs! :oops:
  14. Henry, Henry, Henry! Wine her and dine her and if she STILL doesn't put out, crack her over the head with a pick helve till she's compliant... :D
  15. None of your business mate