New French Anti-Tank Missile

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spack_bandit, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Are they not canadian?

    Seems the wrong camo for the french.
  2. Why are they wearing German helmets?
  3. This is on another thread. Bummer eh.

    The missile is an ERYX its been around for a about 15 years.

    I'm pretty sure the soldiers are french canadians which would fit as the ERYX is one of the ATGM the canadian forces use. Don't know why they ran away though it was never going to function.
  4. if it was french, a white flag would,have come out first
  5. Standby-arrrrrrrrrrrgggggh,

    Haaaaa,Haaaaaaaa,great kit.
  6. I need a new change of underwear let alone those frenchies/frenchiecanadians
  7. You really have to be a civvy if you can't tell the difference between Frogs and French/Canadiens.
    Next time you hold Aussies for Americans? :frown:
  8. dingerr wrote
    Yeah, that would be my first thought as well..... :D
  9. My first reaction at seeing a big fcuk off rocket landing in the dirt infront of me would also be to bolt.
  10. I dont think they were worried about the warhead so much (needs some distance to arm I guess) but the motor igniting late might have led to some merry trouser singeing japes!
  11. Even their own weapons make them run away, classic frog action!
  12. Remind me again, what damage did Exocets do in the South Atlantic 25 years ago?

  13. Remind me again, what damage did Super Etendards + Exocets do in the South Atlantic 25 years ago?