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CO, may I suggest a new forum. Seeings how some of the threads tend to break down into an all out mud slinging match, would it be possible to start a 'I'll see you behind the NAAFI bop, Friday night!' section.

Like minded types could take their 'heated debate' to this area to save soiling otherwise linear discussions.

A bit like 'Jetblast' on the other site where steam could be let off in an arena specifically designated as such. You or other moderators could banish threads to this area if deemed  necessary.

What do you say? ???


I reckon a combine 'med' one would be good, rather than adding to the ever lengthening list of boards.  I'll change the name of the RAMC board to suit.  


hi sir
      is it possible to have a down town forum,
Can we have a forum to discuss what forums we might have?  :eek:

And what is the plural of Forum?  ???

And why are Lynx mates all fat boys?


If I remember rightly from primary school english, the correct plural is 'fora'. I for one was shocked by this dicovery.

Actually 'forums' isn't totally incorrect, but it is technically incorrect:

fora is the technically correct plural of forum, coming from the latin forae. However, the word forum was adapted for the English language, adding the usual 's' onto the end of forum to make it plural. Therefore it is common belief that the plural for forum is forums and it has grown to be the correct English term.

In short: fora is the originally correct plural of forum, but the development of the English language has added an s onto it to make it correct.

So: although fora is technically correct, forums is acceptable, as it is the English form of it, not the latin.

Are you thick, or what?


   With referance my last post on this page( Down the town ) Well, It would be based on the idea of squaddie experience´s down the town, Talking about their favourite haunts, Give other members an heads up on the sort of down town life there is in that certain area.
Especially if they happen to get posted there. Give members a chance to let off steam if they had a bad weekend or holiday, It could also include different down town bar experiences from holiday resorts. Even let others know what a cracking weekend they had.
Good idea!
Well i´ll let you decide, not that i´ve any choice in the matter anyway. Its your train set
hope you like the idea
trog 8)
Sir,  the idea of a downtown forum is a good one. Having gone through many of the boards there are a lot of subjects in there that can be applied to this one forum.   Nice one trog and i look forward to seeing it if the decision is a yes.  (Salutes like Arnold J Rimmer and marches out).


War Hero
       Firstly, I really do hope that this happens for you as I can't wait to see what type of moderator that you will make! ;D
And secondly, Down Town forum - yes, I think that you'll be the one that keeps getting thier head kicked in every time you go down there - Catch ma' drift??  It alway's happens to someone, right?

C U in Bananas ;) ;)

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