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Looking at the people who traverse through this site, would it be a good idea to have a forum which captures the essence of DIY?

Ranging from:

Q&A section Electrics, plumbing, heating, brickying, welding etc

Classic cars and car repairs

Where to buy tools, which tools to buy and rating them

A photo gallery of projects completed or just started

Help section

Having 3 women in my house I find nothing but peace when I am pottering in my garage.

Please vote accordingly

You can save yourself a few quid looking at them DIY forums, although I wouldnt advise anyone touching electrics, gas or central heating unless you know what your doing, Ive even been on forums about car servicing and been able to print a servicing schedule for my pick-up.
I'd be happy to see one, if for no other reason than to guide and advise someone to an untimely death caused by following my tips of spark plug repair/replacement using kit kat wrappers and paperclips.


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I think a thread on oanism would go down well on Arrse. After all there are plenty of wankers :wink:
Ok, i can change a plug, wire a light fitting up, do small bits of plastering and plumbing, decorate and i know my way round a hammer drill...but the central heating timer beats me every time :oops:
So its an aye from me :D
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