New format of French army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. The new format of the french army has been revealed yestersay;

    Two heavy brigades (2 BB and 7 BB or armoured brigades) four multiroles brigades 1 BM, 3 BM, 6 BLB et 9 BLBMa (mecanized brigades the last two being equipped with wheeled vhl only) and two emergency brigades 11 BP (parachute) and 27 BIM (mountain)

    As in most french army reforms since 1996, the UKLF has been used as a blueprint.

    The former airmobile brigade has been disbanded and its assets will be dispatched to different units.

    Support units will also be retailored with an AD battery and an ISTAR By added to each arty Bn

    Main assets:

    Armoured units : 4 Leclerc MBT Rgt (52 MBTs in each ) and six light (AMX 10 RC or Sagaie AFVs) Rgt

    Infantry : 8 Amd Rgt with the new VBCI and 11Rgt on VAB APCs

    Engineer : 8 Rgt

    Arty: a mix of 155 mm AUF2 SP guns (64 pieces), TRF1 towed 155 mm, RTF1 120 mm mortars, CAESAR truck mounted 155 mm (72 pieces) and GMLRS (24 pieces)

    ADA: the army will only keep the SHORADS Mistral systems
  2. So when do they invade Jersey?
  3. Fantassin, I was following this story when in France on holiday over the last few weeks. There was quite a good article on it in Telepoche which showed which bases were closing and the projected defence cuts over the next few years. Since conscription ended, the French armed forces have remained constant at around the 400,000 mark. However, it will steadily reduce until 2014 when it will be about 224,000 (apparently this is part of Sarkozy's plan to reduce the public sector). Obviously, this has upset many communities that host the bases that are closing down.

    The French are a lot prouder of their Armed Forces than we are - I watched the Bastille Day parade on TV out there (live on two major TV channels) with Sarkozy reviewing the troops (imagine Cyclops doing that). The parade went down the Champs Elysees and lasted all morning - among the many dignatories were a lot of politicians, most of whom would have served in the forces (unlike our bunch of former social workers) and always ends with the Legion (as they march at a slower pace). Very impressive, although I earned myself a shoeing with my French wife when I said 'they march very well, pity they can't fight'. All in all, though, the Parisiennes were out in force, the parade was very well organised and it gave the impression of a country at ease with, and proud of, its armed forces.
  4. Isn't Carla Bruni their "Main Asset" these days?
  5. Many disbandments were long overdue, like the old HAWK PIP SAMs that were completely obsolete. A trimming down of the MBT fleet is also a good thing since most were unoperable due to lack of spare parts anyway

    Note that out of 54,000 people that have to go, a good 20,000 are MoD civilians and nobody is going to shed a tear on them among the military.

    The main problem now is that the armed forces are engaged in a series of hyper-costly programmes such as the Rafale (234 are supposed to be delivered !) that are bleeding the Army dry of vital funds necessary for the many real-world operations currently undertaken.

    It has reached such a point that the TF recently sent to A-stan to replace the americans in the East has had to be re-equipped with decent kit to the value of 10 M euros or else the poor paras would have been forced to use completely crappy french made individual equipment. Instead they got Paraclete webbings and Camelback packs....a good start...
  6. To a member of the British Army, a lot of this does seem very familiar! The crappy equipment sounds like us on Telic 1. Fantassin has already mentioned that the French military have used us as a template over the last decade or so, so I wonder how long it will be before their Generals start using the media as a tool to secure better terms, conditions, funding etc?
  7. Very true. But not as long as the attempted coup against De Gaulle in 1961! :lol:
  8. Are the French beginning to regret pulling out of the Eurofighter consortium and the sharing of costs yet, do you think? Considering what the Typhoon cost to develop, the Rafale must have cost the French an absolute fortune to go it alone?
  9. Having worked for a French company and been involved in various joint projects, the problem with working with the French is that they want the biggest piece of the cake. It must be French Project Managed, design authority must be French and it must be manufactured in France. Eventually, the non-French partners lose patience and the project either gets cancelled or the French throw teddy out of the pram and go it alone, whatever the cost.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Whatever the costs, they get an indendent force, not reliant on the whims of another nation state - their nukes, aircraft, vehicles, weapons etc etc etc. They can run away to their heart's content and nobody can put the blockers on it.

    Suez - bailed out under the threat of sanctions and withdrawl of military supplies.
    Falklands - we begged and borrowed.
    Afghanistan - still doing it.
    Iraq - still doing it.

    Our armed forces are very much reliant on the goodwill of the US to fight pretty much anything from a 'peacekeeping' job to WW3.

    Sure, it costs more money, but that independence of arms could be critical at some future juncture.

    Back on topic, if Sarkozi is looking to model the French armed forces on the British model, they're fcuked too.
  11. Yes, the cost of each plane is staggering; with one Rafale, you equip and train an Inf Bn for a year....the problem is that the maker of the Rafale has very close ties with Sarkozy (he sometimes holidays with him) so it's very unlikely the orders are going to be trimmed.

    Same old story everywhere I am afraid.

    As far as regretting, I don't think I have ever heard an air force guy wishing France had gone for the EF.