New Forces SWEETHEART .... is a man

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Iainmc, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Just had a phone call from one of my civvie mates who was going on about the new forces sweetheart being a cross dresser ..

    True? yes/ no
  2. Pics.........
  3. Forces sweetheart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    RAF?? I suppose a cross-dresser is a real possibility.

    Incidentally (and seriously), does being a bit of totty that visits a particular war zone once or twice, automatically make you a Forces Sweetheart??

    Edited to add . . Katherine Jenkins . . Mmmmmm!! :nod:

  4. apparently there is a tranny act that has been doing mess functions and has been noimated (by who? no idea) to be the forces sweetheart 2011 and a trip to afghan is already in the offing. I am not sure how accurate this is.

    but as for katherine mmmmmmmmmm doughtnuts :)
  5. I remember years ago in Germany we had a tranny act in the Naafi. I can't remember if it was any good, but by all accounts he went upstairs with the gay Naafi manager and a bloke from HQ Sqn for a three-some.
  6. He looks good to me.

  7. have you seen him/her/ it?
  8. A cross dressing man sounds the ideal forces sweetheart for the ANA.
    But ours is still the loverly Katherine would but **** me you'ed need a lot of gaffa tape!
  9. I must be a poover. I'd do him.
  10. the lovely katherine ...... is she single?
  11. I haven't seen him, where is he?
  12. Rohypnol doesnt care about relationships....
  13. was this the guy that was on the one show a while back? did some sort of christmas party dressed up in desert dpm
  14. google COOKIE MONSTAR just got that name on a text ....... I wonder who the snco is that he is throwing himself over?

    and he is on his way to afghan? the ANA will have a field day!!!!!

    one way to finally defeat the taliban I suppose