New Forces Social Networking site

DII Fun Police won't let this one through, so it's unlikely to pull in the punters anyway
The Baron has joind one of the SG facebook sites, keping powder dry for the moment :)


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Had a look at it, signed up, asked the inevitable question - "Why are you creating such a site when there's Pprune, ARRSE, RearParty, etc etc etc"

Suffice to say, it got deleted.
blingbang said:
not at all just found pretty good

How strange that you've joined this site today and out of your three outstanding posts, two have been aimed either against Arrse or for that new civpop waltbook site. Why did you join this website?


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The Forces Inn aims to be the one and only site for the forces.
With comments like that, it seems it's been set up by a right wnaker.
blingbang said:
i reckon plenty will jump ship thou...this as gone way passed its sell by date...its like the army in here...same s*** different day
I assume they don't do grammar or spelling on that s(h)ite?


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