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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by C.I.C, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. hello all

    my company is putting together a package solely for the UK Forces, this is so that operational troops get the best from us who now stay behind and swing the lamp, the deal comes in two main parts and is not available to civvy's
    we have trailed this and the response was very good the connection in various country's was also good now this will be available from the 3rd April 2006 so give me your thoughts please

    part 1 £35.00 per month
    FREE web enabled mobile phone
    FREE 2MB Internet access per month on the mobile
    FREE calls to all servicemen and women (unlimited) who are on the forces network from us (UK and NI)
    FREE international number receive calls in Iraq Afghanistan etc FREE OF CHARGE on your mobile
    FREE £10 on the international number so you can call home rates from Iraq to UK on the mobile 13.78 pence per minute
    FREE spare phones held by the SQMS/CQMS in the event of damage in the field
    FREE email to integrate into phone YOURNAME@UKFORCES.NET
    additional phones available for the immediate family only
    and support staff in the UK who speak English

    part 2 £49.99 per month
    land line to house or barrack room
    broadband unlimited
    125 minutes of calls FREE local and national
    on line secure billing and web site
    up to five email accounts
    cheap call rates to mobiles in foreign country's

    what i am looking for is some feed back as to what you think PM me or email me if you want more details

    regards G :)
  3. the land line to barrack room will that be for BFG as well and will installing the box on the wall be your job or ours?
  4. for the land lines we are still talking to DBP for thank but it will be all supplied by us
  5. Why take the piss out of someone who may be offering a good deal?

    Oh well, boys will be boys!
  6. Think this belongs in the classified section...
  8. if it works in bfg id be up for it.
  9. you asked for feedback...

    £50 a month sounds outrageous for landline / broadband, but maybe im missing something? i dont recall ever paying more than 30 or so a month and my calls bill on top of that is about £6-£8 a month with (in fact 18866 have saved so many people so much money that they have sneakily put their connection fee up from 2p to 4p since i signed up. eek.)

    the mobile package sounds reasonable - if you can get it on a 6 month contract just before you deploy. otherwise, it's not very competitive IMHO. free minutes? text messages? fine if youre deployed, iraq call rate looks excellent, love the free receiving calls... but when youre back in the UK?

    i see a big potential loophole that may make people very interested - free unlimited calls to others on the forces network, and extra handsets available for "immediate family only"? sounds like something that could be as big as the old Orange "everyday 50" - which ended up being so popular they canned it for losing money. i've STILL got mine - 50 minutes free every day?!?!? not going to let something like that go!

    but without talking through the small print, i cant say. but to be honest, its not something that would really grab my attention - suspect you will get a lot of word-of-mouth recommendations though, if the free call thing is as transparent as you make out?
  10. the land line is looking at the BT side of things and will come down on the launch date but that will depend on numbers reached
    the real strong point is the mobile system we had to get this deal by using the data side of the business and not the voice so it is what it is, free calls between all servicemen/women if they have one of our phones on tests soldiers kicked the arse out of it for the first 3 weeks but after that it did settle down we have over 4000 replies for this and i must admit the real people to benefit from this looks like the poor sod that is on tours and away. but that was the idea we have seen bills from soldiers coming home from Iraq which are around the £800 mark not much fun. hopefully this will stop that...its an idea and thanks for the reply