New Florida vote scandal feared

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 26, 2004.

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    To our American posters

    You can view the film too

    Note 22.30 is 21.30 GMT , so you can adjust yourselves accordingly.

    Be interesting to hear your view.
  2. I didn't know the lib dems wereactive in Florida
  3. After November 2, the battle is sure to be continued in the courts (again) with the presidency awarded to whoever can command a 5-4 majority.

    I read that, in some states, there will be poll watchers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the United Nations.
    Foreigners to monitor the integrity of American elections. Can such things be believed?

    A bunch of shysters and political gangsters are rapidly converting this place into a third world country.
  4. lol Sandy :D

    Which reminds me, that court case is coming up soon , I think.

    A frigging councillor takes postal votes and goes and "counts" them in his car on a deserted trading estate (allegedly) and the Old Bill say "We can't do anything" (allegedly)

    Well , we'll see what the court says.
  5. Just did a search and found more reports of "voter fraud" against Republicans then Democrats...and those things classified as fraud deal with throwing out registration forms and the such, more then registering 2, 3 and 4 times. Intimidation is also a word being thrown around, as if a mob of angry Republicans are standing around with bats threatening those that want to register. Nonsense.

    Here is my take:
    If you wait around for someone [dem, rep or some other group] to show up and register you at your house door, then you are a lazy piece of shyte and deserve what you get NO VOTE.

    Yes, US Citizens have a right to vote, but we also have some personal responsibilities; get registered in a timely manner, ensure that you register properly, and register only once. The best way to register is to go to the Supervisor of Elections office and register, this is the only sure fire way to make sure they meet all the responsibilites they have as potential voters to becoming registered voters.

    The cr@p being reported as "fraud" and "intimidation" doesn't meet those definitions. Instead it underlines the overwhelming lack of personal responsibilty US Citizens have and the ignorance of lazy w@nkers. I registered on my 18th birthday, since it was my right and responsibilty to do so...and I did so by carting my arrse down to the supervisor of elections office.

    This is more about a redefinition of words then anything else :evil:
  6. Can I get an amen for Ctauch?

    It's not just in America , the problem is, the lazier the electorate get, the more scope there is for fraud.

    We just don't seem to have politicians that can fire the electorate anymore.

    I blame the no expense spared style of electioneering.
  7. This is a bogus story just like the one about the missing explosives. Here is a fact, Kerry campaign is giving up in Florida due to their internal polling. This is going to be an electoral college landslide.
  8. Since this concerns me personally, I might as well speak up. Living in FL, and seeing all the bloody campaign ads is intimidation enough. I'm just plain sick of the ads, and the shyte being thrown around by both sides.

    As for the BBC report, I chalk it up to just what it is, pure BS. I used to be dubious as to whether the mainstream news organizations were liberal or conservative, but the past month or so has removed all doubt from my mind that, with the exception of a very few stations, all mainstream news organizations lean heavily in the liberal direction, and have to work very hard to appear non-biased.

    My American $.02 anyway,
  9. Blackjack,

    You have nailed that on the head.

    The BBC gave up any pretense of no-baised reporting before 1997, when the lovies bowed and gave their allegence to New Labour.

    Since that time, they have taken upon themselves to challenge this current government whenever it did not live up to their (the Beeb/Guardian) left-wing agenda.
  10. if you want non-biased reporting, then go no further than the anti-Kerry stations such as CNN and Fox, i flick through them on Sky, whenever they have reps from both parties, Bushs rep get an easy ride and Kerry gets hammered by the interviewers.
    A couple of days ago Sky news reported a news flash about 11 US soldiers being injured by an IED and others being killed in a mortar attack on a joint US/Iraqi camp, it took CNN and Fox another 45 mins to make the report as they were so busy bad mouthing what Kerry was saying at a rally.
    and you think the BBC is biased??
    As for Florida, where Bushs brother Jeb is senator, will the votes get fecked up again? of course it will, will Bush alow a recount? of course not. worked 4 years ago, itll probably work again this year.
    Id rather you had Blair as your president and we had Maggie back. Blair would still be on his belly kissing boots but at least theyd belong to someone with balls and had credibility with the world.
  11. A) Jeb Bush is Govenor, not Senator. I'm sure that was just a simple mistake on your part.

    B) Bush (Jeb nor Dubya) by Florida law can not prohibited a recount.
    There are 2 types of recounts:
    • 1) A recount is automatic if the difference is 1% or less.
      2)A recount can be requested if a mechanical or other error occured during the original tabulation. The recount must be requested by a person on the ballot and made to the county's Supervisor of Elections. The recount will then be done specific to the requestors race and not every race on the ballot. Only the county supervisor of election can approve or deny a recount request.

    FF, your ingnorance of the US election laws, imparticular Florida's, is truely astounding. Instead of researching the laws and getting the facts right and educating yourself, you regurgitate the left-wing nonsense of either ignorant f@ck-wits or itellectually dis-honest hacks. The mantra of "selected not elected" "appointed by the Supreme Court" is nonsense. :roll:

    C) Would rather have Reagen then Blair?
  12. does that count as a bite?
  13. FF,

    pot calling kettle here.

    talk about biting.

    your little diatribe on anti-Kerry reporting is just a tad sanctimonious.

    i will support your view that Fox is pro-Bush, but CNN! get a grip. just because it doesn't fan over the walking android doesn't mean its biased, just that it is trying to report news!

    Yes i think the Beeb is biased! but please, enlighten me! :roll:
  14. No bite, just a reply to your uninformed and inaccurate post. :D :D :D
  15. another one i do believe