New fleet of RFA tankers named

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 14, 2012.

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  2. Cernunnos_RSS

    drone....drone....reach.....survivability....capacity.....drone.....drone.....drone...golden rivets....drone.....painted grey....drone....the new ships are to be named....Tidemark....Skidmark....drone and Nomark
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  3. May the Tideforce be with you....
  4. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    'Tiderace - after service in the Suez Crisis, the Tiderace was renamed the Tideflow to avoid confusion with another ship name'

    [As posted by me on RR] Scuttlebutt was that the name change was because Jack rhymed it with Liberace ..
  5. Do You wash in Tide ?

    Yes of Course I was in Tide

    Why do you was in Tide ?

    Too Damn Cold Out Tide !

    I know its old !!!
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  6. Are they fitted for but not with Jolly Sailor types.
  7. Four new Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) tankers, which will be bought as part of the Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability

    HMS Tesco Express, HMS Esso Shop, HMS Morrisons, HMS Sainsbury's...

    As an aside, with four of them that must be one for each of our warships now.

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  8. Or indeed four more 'task forces' for the MoD.

    We'll get two... the others scrapped or sold off. Fitted for not with fuel pumps or hoses.
  9. You beat me to it R2q
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  10. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    A pedant writes: it's RFA Tesco, not HMS Tesco. They are ships of the Royal Fleet Auxilliary, not warships. And these ships are a real example of good prucurement - they can afford to buy 4 rather than 2 plus 2 sometime in the future because they went out to tender and bought from the cheapest yard to meet the requirement, not the British yard, or the European yard.
  11. [QUTE=re-stilly] Are they fitted for but not with Jolly Sailor types. [/QUOTE] Like most RFA's they will have a limited amount of austire accomadation for us, but seeing as they are not HM Ships there is no requirement to.
  12. Call me old fashioned but they should and could have been built here. All this politico crap that they were tendered and the cheapest bid got the contract. That sort of argument doesn't take into account that we are keeping Koreans in work, skills and know how when we have 2million unemployed here that we will be paying to do bugger all.
  13. Meanwhile in other news, thousands of dockyard workers are continuing to laid off on unemployment benefits because of a lack of orders for new ships from the government.

    Good procurement really works eh! Of course it does because it's not the Navy paying out the dole money, it's the government! Ohhh wait, itn't that the !!!!!!!
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  14. Squeeze the MoD dry and then moan they are going to the cheapest bidder...
  15. Sounds like a spotter of RFA tankers in our midst.

    Reminds me of a lad I once worked with. He collected several tail fins fron IRA mortars. I asked him why? He responded by saying memories of his time in NI. I said.. "I have some sheep shite on the soles of my boots from the Falklands, do you want some?"