New flash eliminator

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by vampireuk, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Can somebody please enlighten me about this new fangled flash eliminator for the rifles, call me sceptical but at £79 basic are they once again pissing money up the wall for something that is not really required?
  2. How can a flash hider not be important? At night time it's the main reason for the enemy spotting your position, and for them to return fire.
  3. Seen a few, removed and replaced some. GPMG, .50 Cal and some other odds and ends look like they might be ending up with them too.
  4. So when will the TA be getting this? first the handguards and now this!

    Allways the poor relative, how can we be expected to do the job without the right kit? :x
  5. Does it actually improve upon the current one fitted to the rifle now? I'm currently sceptical because I've got 400 of the buggers to bloody well fit and broken my removal tools within the first 6 sodding weapons. :roll:
  6. Spaz, see you're point, but surely the regs need it a little faster than we do...
  7. Surely anyone deploying will get the new fangled one?
  8. Are these the new "vortex" ones, which are open-ended and have a twist?
    Like this:
  9. Them that needs em - gets em, when you need one - you'll get one! (Subject to availablity and subject to said items being delivered to the right place and being ordered in the first place.)

    New hand rails, sights, flash eliminators, odds 'n' ends will all come into place in time, in theatre they get there quicker; sometimes before we even knew they were coming.
  10. ouyin - Yes mate, that's the badger.
  11. looks easier to clean anyway!
  12. Didn't the Yanks give up on the old birdcage design because things got caught in the end?
  13. I'm just wondering how well they fit to the bayonet, incidentally I've heard some positive views on them. It'll be quite some time before I get my grubby mitts on one though.
  14. Many years ago (SLR) I was taught that this was a flash eliminator. The object of which was to prevent the flash dazzling the firer, not to make it invisible to the enemy. Would be grateful if somebody could let me know which is the correct version.